April 02, 2013 12:12 ET

AnewMed's Medical Device Repackaging Program Offers Environmental, Financial Benefits to Hospitals

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Apr 2, 2013) - Hospitals generate more than four billion pounds of waste annually, a staggering amount that puts the industry second only to food service. This waste often includes expensive, unused medical devices that are discarded simply because they are past their use-by date.

Atlanta-based AnewMed has a solution that not only reduces the amount of waste material, it also reduces the amount of money wasted.

AnewMed works with hospitals to divert date-expired medical devices from the landfill into the company's repackaging program. The medical devices are inspected/verified, repackaged and sterilized, allowing them to be used to help patients rather than sent to the landfill.

Not only does this reduce the amount of waste, it also reduces costs. Hospitals purchasing repackaged devices pay approximately 1/3rd less of the original cost depending on the device and the demand.

"Our program targets traditional, inefficient practices to reclaim and redirect consumables and financial resources," explains AnewMed founder and CEO, Kurt Tarter. "These are devices that have never been used that are going into landfills, then the hospitals have to purchase replacement devices. That's money that could be used to improve patient care."

A repackaging program such as that provided by AnewMed offers numerous benefits to hospitals and the communities they serve, primarily:

  • Reduce waste - less devices are put into the landfill, substantially reducing waste
  • Save money - funds saved by purchasing repackaged medical devices can be repurposed into patient care
  • Create jobs - repackaging creates skilled jobs in the community

The devices that are being collected by AnewMed are not perishable, Tarter explains. "These are self-imposed dates that are stamped on the packages -- it's not like milk that will go bad. The devices are built to last by the top manufacturers in the medical device industry, but they might not be used before the expiration date. Legally, the only thing a hospital can do is throw it out or repackage it."

The regulated medical device repackaging industry is overseen by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which requires registration of all repackaging companies like AnewMed. This assures hospitals and patients that the products they receive meet the highest quality standards for sterility & safety.

"I go to work every day with a smile on my face," Tarter says. "We are providing a valuable service to hospitals that benefits the environment and their bottom line, and helping patients as well."

About AnewMed

AnewMed, Inc., a privately-held company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, helps hospitals be more environmentally responsible and improve the quality of healthcare through more sustainable resource allocations. The company repackages (inspects/verifies, re-labels and sterilizes) delicate and costly medical devices that are often needlessly thrown away when the date is expired. AnewMed's programs target traditional, inefficient practices to reclaim and redirect consumable and financial resources to promote healthy and responsible healthcare.

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