August 13, 2012 09:00 ET

Angel Unveils a More Personalized Customer Experience With Introduction of Lexee From Angel Labs

New Self-Service Solution Voice Activates Mobile Applications to Enhance Transactions and Productivity

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Aug 13, 2012) -  SpeechTEK Conference Booth #609 -- Angel, a leading provider of cloud-based Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions and division of MicroStrategy® Incorporated (NASDAQ: MSTR), today unveiled Lexee, a new self-service solution that voice activates any mobile application. A product of Angel Labs, a new division within the company dedicated to developing forward-thinking solutions to empower organizations to provide a better customer experience, Angel also introduced Lexee, a software development kit (SDK), backed by Angel's Caller First Analytics that enables businesses and developers to easily build and deploy fully conversational mobile voice applications as well as measure their effectiveness in real time. With Lexee, businesses gain an entirely new channel to engage their customer base and create a more personalized customer experience (CX).

"There's no argument -- mobile is the next platform for today's businesses -- and it's critical for them to figure out how to be accessible to their customers on this platform," said Dave Rennyson, president of Angel. "Lexee goes beyond the usual voice assistant and empowers businesses to have a conversation with their customers. By voice activating mobile applications with Angel Lexee, businesses can open up an entirely new channel to interact with their customers, creating a more personalized customer experience."

"A mobile customer experience strategy will not be successful if businesses are unable to track its effectiveness," said Daniel Hong, Lead Analyst of Customer Experience and Interaction at Ovum. "As interactions between customers and businesses on smart devices evolve and become more complex, providing tailored multimodal customer support is essential. Businesses need to create the right pathways for customers to obtain information and conduct transactions; but they also need to understand the effectiveness and performance of these pathways in order to optimize the overall customer experience."

With over one billion mobile applications being downloaded each month, Lexee from Angel Labs enables all businesses to quickly provide a voice activated iOS or Android mobile solution to their customers, track the impact of their mobile solutions with analytics and empower their users to be more productive and flexible on-the-go. For example, Angel's Lexee is incorporated in a new mobile application, which allows users to verbally request information and reports to be pulled from their account. Rather than search for information manually, Lexee enables mobile applications to perform tasks and execute transactions such as updating sales information or quickly pulling reports, all by voice commands.

In addition to powering the new application, Lexee is built off the Angel customer experience platform and includes the following features:

  • Caller First Analytics allows businesses to track the effectiveness of their mobile applications, discover trends in customer behavior and identify how the voice flow design can be improved to create a more effective CX; all with industry leading business intelligence reporting and analytics.
  • Lexee SDK that leverages Angel's Site Builder to easily build a conversational, personalized voice solution and quickly adjust the mobile solution depending on customer needs or market changes. Lexee SDK is a Web-based "point and click" application that does not require any coding background, creating the easiest mobile SDK available and empowering organizations to simply create intuitive mobile voice applications;
  • Multichannel support to ensure that any interaction a customer has with Lexee will be reflected on any of the other customer service channels, such as inbound or outbound interactive voice response (IVR) systems, SMS Chat or Web, leading to a seamless customer experience, regardless of how the customer chooses to connect with the business;
  • Voice biometrics to authenticate each user's voiceprint and enabling businesses to deliver secure customer experience solutions tailored to that specific user.

Lexee is a product of Angel Labs, a division within the company that identifies the future challenges facing customer experience and customer care professionals and develops innovative solutions to help organizations address these obstacles. With Angel Labs, Angel's product team is able to explore how these challenges will impact how businesses engage with their customer base and create innovative solutions that help organizations address these issues before they become problems. In addition to Lexee, Angel Labs has also produced, which includes VoiceForFacebook, VoiceForTwitter and VoiceForChatter -- Angel voice applications that allow people to voice activate their social networks and Chatter from

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