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September 15, 2010 06:38 ET

Announcement Dramatically Enhances Twitter's Value As Community Development Tool, Says Social Media Agency

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 15, 2010) - The announcement that Twitter is to facilitate embedded multimedia and thereby enable users to view content without leaving a twitter feed is a dramatic step towards Twitter closing the gap on facebook as a community development vehicle, according to PR, Search and social media agency, Punch Communications.

Whilst Twitter has become a phenomenon, with take-up amongst general consumers mirroring that of Facebook's own sharp increase in use in the early stages of mass-adoption, there has remained a gap in terms of functionality between the two, which has polarised marketers in terms of their preferred site, depending upon their circumstances and, often, the willingness to invest.

Pete Goold, Managing Director of Punch, commented:

"Facebook's rounded functionality as a social community tool has resulted in many brands using this as their primary social vehicle, with many now opting to position their facebook page alongside their own domain in promotional activity, such as global ad campaigns. Moreover with the growing adoption of OpenGraph bringing social spaces and brand-owned domains closer together, this has strengthened Facebook's position with many brand marketers.

"However this announcement may well start to make a few marketers re-think their position, in terms of the prominence given to Twitter within an overall digital strategy. Clearly however there's still a significant differential between the two sites and, although they are fundamentally centred around different premises, with Facebook being a community tool and Twitter being a micro-blogging platform, Facebook will probably remain the favourite of many brand marketers for time being.

"Undoubtedly though this is great news for fans of twitter as a marketing vehicle as it reinforces the site's credibility and willingness to evolve in line with market demand."

Having launched as a PR Agency in 2003, Punch has evolved significantly to offer stand alone SEM Agency services alongside social media outreach.

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