May 11, 2009 09:00 ET

Announcing Atomikos ExtremeTransactions 3.6

New Release of Leading Transaction Management Software Makes SOA Transactions Safer and More Reliable

MECHELEN, BELGIUM--(Marketwire - May 11, 2009) - Atomikos, a leading provider of transaction management software for SOA, XTP and Open Source environments, announced today the latest release of its commercial software product, Atomikos ExtremeTransactions®. Version 3.6 of Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® introduces new and advanced web services support aimed at making transaction management in SOA environments faster, safer, and more reliable.

Strategic SOA-based business services are becoming a dominant element in business transformation, allowing businesses to flexibly respond and react quickly to changing business conditions. SOA-based transactions are defined as tasks that are composed of one or more operations or related interactions that may need to be cancelled or "rolled back" after the point of execution.

There exist, however, many inherent challenges associated with the execution of transactions in SOA environments. Standard web services protocols, such as WS-STAR, used by many transaction management vendors today, enable interoperability between web services, but do not address widespread issues related to performance, speed and efficiency. These standard protocols also provide little protection against hidden independent transactions. Until now, organizations using transactions in their SOA environments have had no guarantee that a transaction is executed correctly and completely.

"Our cutting edge support for cross-service transactions allows for improved governance of rollbacks by verifying that remote calls are really part of the transaction. Using the new JAX-WS protocol, the sender and receiver in a transactional web service interaction can specify and enforce transaction preferences and assumptions through use of an intermediary 'handler' eliminating some of the most common problems with transactional web services today, such as hidden transactions and unnoticed calls between transactional web services and non-transactional web services," says Guy Pardon, Atomikos Chief Technology Officer.

With the 3.6 release of Atomikos ExtremeTransactions®, Atomikos adds state-of-the-art JAX-WS and SOAP support that makes it easier for architects and development teams to build and invoke transactions that span multiple web services. Both the classic (ACID-style) as well Atomikos' patent-pending Try-Cancel/Confirm (TCC) approach are supported. TCC is optimized for two-phase compensation-based transactions and significantly reduces workflow complexity in SOA environments. Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® eliminates the need for the modeling of error paths, making the solution ideal for Service Oriented Architectures with composite applications and complicated transaction trees.

Pricing & Availability

Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® version 3.6 is available today direct from Atomikos for $4,065.05 USD and includes production support and full feature access for 1 core CPU. Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® can be purchased online through the Atomikos website at

About Atomikos ExtremeTransactions

For CTO's architects and developers in Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP) or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environments where data quality and performance is mission critical, Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® is a transaction management system that automates and manages both simple and highly distributed transaction processes, preventing costly data corruption in the event of a system failure or crash. The product's patent pending Try-Cancel/Confirm (TCC) approach is optimized for two-phase compensation-based transactions significantly reducing workflow complexity in SOA environments. There is no need for the modeling of error paths, making the solution ideal for Service Oriented Architectures with composite applications and complicated transaction trees.

About Atomikos

Atomikos is a market leader in transaction management for XTP, SOA and open source environments. Atomikos' software safeguards your critical transactions and prevents costly data loss in the event of a system failure or crash by automating the cancellation of failed business transactions. For more information visit our website at or contact us at

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