May 01, 2012 07:52 ET

Announcing GeoEdge Analytics for Global Publisher & Advertiser Visibility, Compliance Performance & ROI

Largest Proxy Network Offers Business Intelligence for Publishers & Ad Networks

PROVIDENCE, RI--(Marketwire - May 1, 2012) - GeoEdge Ltd., the largest proxy network in the world, today announced the latest release of GeoEdge Analytics to provide powerful data to view, monitor and optimize publishers' online advertising campaigns.

GeoEdge Analytics takes global visibility to the next level by leveraging the reach of their global proxy network and combining it with a powerful Business Intelligence engine. This allows publishers, ad networks and media buyers to capture and analyze any ad displayed on any website around the globe.

"For the first time ever, publishers have a systematic tool to view all the ads are running on their website and enforce their compliance rules in real-time in any US state or country," said Amnon Siev, VP of Products at GeoEdge. "Now ad networks and media buyers can analyze and identify international media opportunities and advertisements. Our GeoEdge Analytics Publisher's suite allows people to see a consolidated view of how content and ads appear globally by simply searching a website or Ad tags."

Powerful Tools for Publishers, Advertisers & Ad Networks

GeoEdge continuously monitors websites from all over the world, including 52 US states, capturing and analyzing all banners to ensure compliance rules are not breached. GeoEdge analyzes at the same web page from many different locations and tracks changes in how this page and ads are displayed for different users. Any banner is automatically categorized to ensure its quality. Once a malicious ad is identified, an alert is immediately generated with the ad's data and screenshots.

Features of GeoEdge Analytics:

  • For the first time publishers and Ad networks can see all the ads that are running on any website to any user, any country, by any ad network
  • GeoEdge servers are spread in more than 100 locations worldwide, including 28 US cities/DMAs and will capture any ad that is targeted to any Geo location around the world -- Online and Mobile
  • Ads are analyzed to reveal the full delivery path starting from the advertiser, ad network(s), exchange and campaign landing pages. The system identifies delivery inefficiencies to maximize publishers' revenues.
  • GeoEdge cloud-based service provides on demand in depth reports and analysis to slice and dice the ads
  • Automated full Compliance enforcement: Real time Banner (Offensive and Generic) & Adverstiser level verification -- don't rely on networks -- get control
  • See top advertisers on your competitors' sites

GeoEdge Analytics Media Buying suite focuses on analyzing global media buying opportunities. Now, media buyers can locate the best performing, best suited media for their specific ad inventory. People can easily verify prospective sites using GeoEdge Analytics to obtain the best possible insights as to which ad segments perform well on any site, guaranteeing high ROI.

GeoEdge Analytics allows companies to know just what their competition is doing on a global scale. GeoEdge Analytics maps their competitors' advertising campaigns in real time so that companies can create and launch counter-campaigns on-the-fly.

About GeoEdge

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, GeoEdge is the largest geo-visibility solution provider in the world spanning over five continents. GeoEdge allows publishers, advertisers, ad networks and SEO/SEM experts to view web content on a geographical basis from virtually any location in the world. With the GeoEdge advanced geo-location toolset, users can effectively view ads, check compliance, obtain organic search results, and track their competition. GeoEdge global proxy servers support 100 countries and more than 25 major U.S. cities (DMAs) by deploying an easy to use browser toolbar, web analytics, VPN or web proxy tool. For more information, visit

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