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November 17, 2014 10:00 ET

Announcing Patent Companion With WordTrends™

Ground-Breaking Patent Application Authoring and Editing Technology From Microsystems

DOWNERS GROVE, IL--(Marketwired - November 17, 2014) - Microsystems announces the launch of its latest product, Patent Companion with WordTrends™, a new cloud-delivered product in the continually-expanding suite of document solutions for the legal marketplace.

Patent Companion offers lawyers, law firms, legal departments and IP departments working in patent law, a game-changing new solution that analyzes a patent application and provides editing guidelines highlighting potential errors and issues in the document, in just 5 seconds. Patent Companion helps lawyers and their staffs focus their time and efforts on the substance of patent applications by automating the proofreading and language selection processes. This revolutionary approach provides them not only time savings, but helps ensure they are producing the highest quality, strongest, and most error-free documents possible.

Christopher Junker, CEO of Microsystems said, "Patent Companion represents Microsystems' latest innovation in developing powerful document applications to support legal professionals. Patent Companion extends our suite of document solutions into cloud computing and into a key practice area within the legal community. This is the first of many new innovations on our product roadmap that will transform the way intelligent work product gets created."

Product Details:

In the development of Patent Companion, Microsystems built and analyzed a database of every patent application accepted by the US Patent Office since 1976 -- creating a language analysis database based on millions of patents. They developed the product in conjunction with patent lawyers, providing analysis capabilities for the most common editing problems and language issues in patent applications.

WordTrends™: Patent Companion features the new patent pending functionality, Word Trends™. Word Trends™ is a powerful language selection feature of Patent Companion that helps lawyers choose the best possible language in patent applications. It works by showing the usage history of any word in an application and how it was used in every approved patent since 1976. This allows the lawyer to choose words that provide the strongest, most defendable patent application possible.

In addition to WordTrends™, Patent Companion provides these powerful editing features:

  • Similar Spelling (patent pending) catches word errors that traditional spell checkers miss and are very hard to spot manually.
  • Antecedent Basis tracks every article reference to ensure accuracy and precision in the application.
  • Element References drives consistency in the application by pinpointing errors in element numbering.
  • Limiting Language spots problematic language that can cause problems with defensibility later on.
  • Unsupported Terms helps safeguard applications from litigation by ensuring definitions are provided for key terminology in the application.


Patent Companion is a subscription-based product, and is cloud-delivered. It requires no installation at the user level, nor any special technology other than an internet connection and a common/current web browser program. It is typically used by a lawyer in the editing process, side-by-side with the native document. Patent Companion provides a simple-to-understand, color-coded visual editing checklist of all the issues found in an application during the analysis process, which again, takes only 5 seconds for a typical application. Lawyers can then make the changes in their native document using Patent Companion as the guideline.

Free Trial Available:

For a limited time during the product introduction, Microsystems is providing a free, 14-day trial of Patent Companion. The free trial can be accessed by visiting the Patent Companion website, A product demonstration video is also available on the website and on YouTube at

Other Microsystems Products

Patent Companion is part of a complete suite of legal document solutions from Microsystems that provide legal professionals with advanced capabilities in authoring, proofreading, delivery and production. Other products in the suite include Eagle Eye (proofreading), 3BClean (metadata-free document delivery) and DocXtools (streamlined document production).

About Microsystems:

Microsystems provides cutting-edge software and innovative document technology solutions since 1995. Our products help companies and law firms worldwide mitigate risk, improve authoring, create error-free documents, and enhance document production efficiency. Today, we support more than 650 document-intensive organizations across the globe, helping them satisfy the complex demands of clients and regulators.

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