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Annual Skincare and Beauty Review: Highlights From 2012's Top 12 Articles on Fashion, Beauty and Skincare - Presented by

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - Jan 28, 2013) - It's never too late to work toward healthier skin and hair, especially when it comes to anti-aging. Need a little inspiration to help make 2013 the most beautiful yet? The latest article by Annual Beauty Review: Top 12 Articles of 2012 offers a guide to the best of 2012, so people of any age and skin type can create an effective, no-fuss beauty regimen. With articles on seasonal skincare, anti-aging fashion and essential tips for sensitive skin, this is the one-stop source for addressing beauty and style concerns for the year ahead.

Caring for mature skin isn't just about using quality products and understanding ingredients; a woman's daily beauty habits can make or break her anti-aging beauty regimen. What are some unexpected tips to looking younger from head to toe? How can small choices like accessories, hair color and makeup techniques help create a more youthful look, without overhauling an entire beauty routine? Which insider secrets contribute to a woman looking and feeling younger, even through menopause and sensitive skin conditions like adult acne and rosacea? To find out, visit or click

Fashion doesn't have to mean following the latest trends. Women can rejuvenate their appearance -- and create a classically stylish new look -- with a fresh approach to their everyday routines. What are effective and easy remedies that treat common concerns like under-eye circles and split ends? How can women use chic accessories and subtle makeup tricks to bring a boost of sophistication into their wardrobes? For women of any age, which time-tested beauty and fashion tips are both versatile and budget-friendly?
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Healthy, gorgeous hair depends upon a clear and healthy scalp. Whether the issue is dandruff, hair loss, scalp folliculitis or sun damage, what's the first step to resolving scalp concerns? Once the condition has been diagnosed, which ingredients and treatments are the best options? For everyday irritation, dryness or excess oil, are there gentle shampoos that help maintain balanced and clean scalps for manageable hair? To find out, visit or click

Find answers to many more questions about establishing a tailor-made beauty regimen for healthy skin and hair, plus timelessly beautiful style in the year to come, at or

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