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ZoomMed inc.

November 20, 2009 11:01 ET

Annual and Special Shareholders meeting of ZoomMed inc./Pharmaceutical Contracts Signed for $1,482,500 During Q1-Q2

Official launch of e-Pic communication network and update of activities

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Nov. 20, 2009) - ZoomMed Inc. (TSX VENTURE:ZMD), creator of the ZRx Prescriber, the e-Pic communication network and the ZRx Pharma communication network announced during its shareholders meeting held today 10:00 am, the signing new contracts with pharmaceutical companies and the official launch of its e-Pic to pharmacies network. In addition, the company has completed a review of its activities.

$1,482,500 in pharmaceutical contracts during the first 6 months of the fiscal year

"We are very proud of the momentum we have with pharmaceutical companies that are growing our communication tool with doctors as an alternate and innovative option. The value of the signed contracts totals more than $1,482,500 since the beginning of the fiscal year," said Mr. Yves Marmet, President and CEO of ZoomMed.

Official launch of e-Pic network

"After several months of development and pilots with pharmacies we officially launched our e-Pic communication network, which allows electronic communication between physicians and pharmacists. This network aims to minimize the risk of errors related to illegible prescriptions, written by hand, which generate more than 700 deaths and more than 150,000 hospitalizations per year in Canada. Moreover, this network will permit the pharmacists to prepare prescriptions in advance and thus reduce the waiting time for patients arriving to pickup their prescriptions." added Mr. Marmet.

The United States: an opportunity for the taking

"Within the US market we are exploring every opportunity available to us. Several American companies have expressed interest. These companies are those that are trying to find the best available electronic prescribing tool (eRx) in the market so as to integrate into their suite of services offered to their prescribers. One of the key underlying benefits is the ability to take advantage of some of the $19 billion of HIS (Health Information System) subsidies voted in in January 2009 to automate American physicians by 2012. From our market analysis and response to our recent meetings, in United States, we are in a position to state that the U.S. market offers huge opportunities for growth and value creation for ZoomMed and its shareholders in the near future", concluded Mr. Marmet.

Election of ZoomMed's Board of Directors

As nominated at the shareholders annual and special meeting,
which took place today, the Board of Directors will consist of:

Mr.: Pietro Perrino, Chairman of the board
Yves Marmet, President and CEO
Andre Marmet
Robert Powell
Valier Boivin

Ms: Dr. Micheline Luneau
Marie-Helene Pinard, Secretary and CFO

About the ZRx Prescriber

ZoomMed developed the ZRx Prescriber, a technological innovative Web application that enables physicians to use a wireless device, such as the IPod Touch™, IPhone™, other PDA's or computers, to write and rapidly deliver scripts. The ZRx Prescriber is quick, efficient and intuitive. Since it is a stand-alone product, it can easily be integrated to any Electronic Medical Record application (EMR).

About the ZRx Pharma communication network

ZRx Pharma, the new revolutionary communication tool allows information intercommunication between pharmaceutical corporations and physicians using the ZRx Prescriber, such as; continuing medical education, new product launches, medical training, major medical alerts, clinical studies and surveys.

About the e-Pic communication network

ZoomMed's e-Pic communication network allows intercommunications between physicians who use the ZRx Prescriber and pharmacists who are members of the network. Thus, physicians and pharmacists can transfer, capture, and electronically receive prescription information and prescription renewal information through this high speed and entirely secure network.

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