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Anomet Products

September 09, 2014 09:02 ET

Anomet Corrosion-Resistant Conductors Clad to Specification for Energy Technologies

SHREWSBURY, MA--(Marketwired - Sep 9, 2014) - Anomet Products has introduced custom manufactured corrosion-resistant conductors for use in batteries, fuel cells, petrochemical, power generation, remote power, and alternative energy applications.

Anomet Corrosion-Resistant Clad Conductors feature an OFHC copper core to provide uniform current distribution and a metallurgically bonded clad exterior layer to achieve specific environmental performance capabilities. Designed for various energy technologies requiring high current carrying capability in extremely corrosive or hostile environments, they can be customized for conductivity with cladding thickness from 10% to 90%.

Typical configurations of Anomet Corrosion-Resistant Clad Conductors include nickel clad copper to withstand up to 1,400°F, stainless steel clad copper for high strength, and titanium cladding for optimum corrosion resistance. They are available as rod from 3/16" to 1-1/4" dia. and wire from 0.004" up. Metallurgical bonding assures superior ductility, formability, and weld-ability than electroplated wire.

Anomet Corrosion-Resistant Clad Conductors are priced according to formulation, size, and quantity. Pricing and samples are available upon request.

About Anomet Products

Anomet Products is well known as the leader in innovative composite metal products. Founded in 1976, Anomet specializes in the manufacture of custom clad metal composites featuring a true metallurgical bond. The company has been dedicated to developing new products using advanced metallurgical technology resulting in long lasting, high reliability, cost effective materials. Given that material costs today represent 90% of the overall cost of products, Anomet engineers are experts at cost reduction while improving the material properties and quality.

Producing clad wire, rod, bars, ribbon, and plates, Anomet Products can offer a wide range of metal alloy compositions available with virtually any ratio or thickness. Major industries served include aerospace, automotive, appliance, defense, corrosion protection, electronic, electrochemical, industrial, medical, and oil & gas industries. Each year, Anomet reinvests a considerable amount of its resources in R & D in order to stay on the leading edge in the industries it serves.

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