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October 12, 2016 11:15 ET

Another Road Addiction Recovery Services for Men Opens Near Toronto

Offering a full-service program of client-centered addiction recovery treatments for men, Another Road Addiction Recovery Services opens their new residential live in addiction rehab treatment clinic in Caledon, north of Toronto

CALEDON, ON--(Marketwired - October 12, 2016) - A new addiction recovery service has been launched to serve men with alcohol and drug addiction issues in Caledon just north of Toronto. Another Road Addiction Recovery Services ( offers residential live in (male only) full-service client centered and family focussed addiction treatments. The treatment centre focuses on flexible professional programming including a variety of treatments customized for each client.

"A collaborative approach to assessment and goal setting is the first step toward building a framework for success," says Another Road Addiction Recovery Services Executive Director, John Wade. "Our comprehensive initial assessment is not complete without significant documentation provided by the client and the client's family. Clients are gently guided through a process of self-assessment, developing goals and reviewing expectations. Documentation of the journey builds the framework for client recovery and future sobriety. This living document/journal/blog is referred to, added to, and amended, on a daily basis throughout the recovery process leaving the client with detailed documentation of progress to further support lifelong wellness. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, and should not be approached with any trepidation; each client's personal process is always fully respected," Wade explains. Mr. Wade believes the key to success in helping people recover from alcoholism and drug addiction is to engage each individual in a respectful, non-judgmental, and empathetic manner. His progressive practical approach demonstrates a fundamental commitment to the well-being of his clients.

For people who have never experienced addiction of any sort, it can be hard to understand the logic behind drug and alcohol abuse. With drug and alcohol abuse becoming more prevalent in Ontario, people are now looking for the reasons as to why people use drugs and alcohol and to shed some light for both addicts or family members of addicts dealing the questions -- why does this happen and why are some more prone to these destructive addictions?

"Mental illness is such a burden for some people that they will try just about anything to relieve the pain. Drugs or alcohol can temporarily make that person feel normal again like they felt in the past. In some cases, mental illness is frightening for those experiencing it. They may be afraid to go to a doctor or family for help, and they turn to drugs or alcohol to try and solve the problem on their own. With many young adults, they may believe that they can handle and control drug and alcohol use, especially if they see friends doing the same thing. It becomes easy to rationalize abuse. The entertainment industry often glorifies alcohol and drug use which adds to the notion that it's a normal part of life. Addicts with a family history of drug or alcohol abuse are much more likely to develop an addiction than an individual with no family background of substance dependency. Drug use, for some, is often viewed as a way to escape the problems of everyday life via an altered reality. Drugs and alcohol are often used as a way to relax and calm the mind. It's easy for an individual to rationalize abusing prescription drugs because they came from a doctor. Doctors prescribe drugs for what they are intended for, and some people quickly build an uncontrollable dependency. Other people go through extremely traumatic events in their life and turn to alcohol or drugs to forget. Peer pressure can also be a powerful force enticing people to try things they would normally not try on their own. The effects of drugs and alcohol are more extreme than regular endorphin lifts because most substance abuse can overload the pleasure sensors in the brain. Once a person feels this pleasure, it is not uncommon for that person to become addicted as they chase the initial highs they once felt. So, there are many reasons for addictions, and every individual has his own story. Everyone must be treated with a flexible and customizable approach," says Another Road Addiction Recovery Services General Manager Sergio Morandin.

About Another Road Addiction Recovery Services: A new Ontario addiction rehabilitation centre for men, Another Road Addiction Recovery Services offers a path to recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. Located in a tranquil rural setting north of Toronto in Caledon, Ontario, Another Road Addiction Recovery Services helps men to recover from drug addiction and alcoholism through a professional comprehensive client-centered and family-focussed program of treatments personalized for each client. This full-service, live-in alcohol and drug abuse treatment facility offers men with substance addictions professional help quickly, without the wait lines of government-based assistance programs. All Another Roads Addiction Recovery Services principals and counseling staff members have significant experience in the addiction services industry and are caring professionals that are committed to their clients' successful recovery. For more information about Another Road Addiction Recovery Services, visit or call 1-844-680-9269.

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