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January 20, 2017 16:53 ET

Answering the Essential Questions: ETechA Provides Crucial Knowledge for AV Professionals

MISSOULA, MT--(Marketwired - January 20, 2017) - Given the dizzying array of devices, specifications, and connectivity options available for AV integration projects of every size, AV professionals are often faced with a significant challenge: identifying which products will create a seamless system that delivers the performance each end user expects while offering efficiency and reliability to the integrator. Overcoming this obstacle with a team of industry-leading product providers and a commitment to collaboration is one of the central goals of the Emerging Technology Alliance (ETechA).

Every day, as more new devices, components, and connectivity products hit the market, AV integrators must consider not only the performance characteristics of each element of a system but if and how all the idea pieces of the puzzle will function together. Does this platform support that device? Will a software update force a change in hardware? What happens when the next generation of that component is released? And what will physically or wirelessly connect all these boxes now and into the future?

"Unlike HDBaseT, SDVoE and HDMI, who are either protocol or platform specific, ETechA is protocol/platform agnostic and is intended to help manufacturers collaborate to provide a resource for dealers that addresses exactly the kinds of questions that integrators confront with every system," says Gary Vlaeminck of Hexacon AV and Managing Director of ETechA. "Regardless of whether the 'box' is a balun, a processor, a switch, or an 'insert widget name here', ETechA connects manufacturers and AV professionals to address compatibility issues front and center."

In addition to Hexacon AV, ETechA's other three founding members represent the industry's leaders in important hardware segments of integrated systems: Niveo Professional, makers of advanced AV networking equipment; TechLogix Networx for audio-visual signal distribution electronics; and Cleerline Technology Group, which manufactures innovative fiber optic connectivity products to connect all these (and more) components into seamless, dynamic, future-proof projects.

The rapid and accelerating pace of change and innovation in the AV industry provides integrators with an endless supply of new options to meet customers' needs, but also an endless list of compatibility questions to consider. By bringing together the best in product providers and thought leaders in the AV market, ETechA is a unique opportunity for manufacturers, dealers, integrators, and engineers to reap the benefits of collaboration and education throughout the industry. Join this community dedicated to the success of every link in the AV value chain and be part of the future of integrated systems of all kinds.

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