October 28, 2015 08:00 ET

ANTELOPE.CLUB Brings Wearable Fitness Technology to the U.S.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Activates Core Muscle Groups to Enhance Workouts and Fitness

FRANKFURT, GERMANY--(Marketwired - October 28, 2015) - Germany-based ANTELOPE.CLUB, the first muscle activating wearables company, is bringing its innovative products to the United States via their recent Indiegogo campaign, which launched on October 13, 2015, and will run through November 28, 2015. The wearable ANTELOPE Series consists of three components: wearable textiles, a Bluetooth-controlled booster, and an app that controls the workout and allows users to save training data and track the performance.

The products are based on EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology, which is a safe and proven science that mimics the process that occurs in our body when our brain directs muscles to contract. The ANTELOPE Series technology activates a higher percentage of muscle fibers than the body can naturally contract, which enhances your workout and improves strength, endurance, coordination and speed during conventional exercising.

"We have created the first wearable that is actually activating it," said Philipp G. Schwarz, founder and CEO for ANTELOPE.CLUB. "The EMS technology (aka TENS technology in the US) our products are based on has been well-proven, originates from the medical field, and is already being used by professional athletes around the globe to enhance performance. We are bringing this incredible technology to everyone and anyone who wants to improve their body and change their life."

The system consists of five different wearables made from special compression fabrics that are integrated with textile electrodes and wiring, the Bluetooth controlled booster, and the ultimate steering tool,the ANTELOPE APP. The ANTELOPE APP adjusts the intensity and sets custom training profiles depending on the chosen sport. The five wearable textiles currently available are:

ANTELOPE SUIT: The full-body mobile Suit provides maximum possible mobility and flexibility during your training process. The Suit has integrated electrodes placed on all major muscle groups, which allows all the muscle groups to be simultaneously activated. That's why 20 minutes of training with the ANTELOPE Suit equals up to 3 hours of conventional exercises. Our ANTELOPE Suit is fully mobile, and extremely easy to use at anytime in any place. You can integrate it into any sport activity and make the world outside to your personal fitness studio.

ANTELOPE TANK TOP: The Tank Top focuses on the abdominal and lower back muscle groups. Suggested uses include activating core muscles, postural and spine support, and muscular-induced back problems.

ANTELOPE CALF GUARDS: The Calf Guards focus on calf enhancement for running or cycling, sprint and jump skills, muscle regeneration, and also can be used as a preemptive thrombosis tool for long airline flights.

ANTELOPE WING: The Wing focuses on arm muscles to enhance throwing and striking power for track/field, tennis, baseball, and also helps work arm muscles to get rid of flabby arms during normal workouts.

ANTELOPE WOMEN'S DREAM: The Women's Dream is a pair of pelvic floor pants that address lower-body problem areas for women by strengthening connective tissue and muscles in the upper legs, gluteal muscles and quads.

Click HERE to learn more ANTELOPE.CLUB's Indiegogo campaign and pre-order the ANTELOPE.CLUB wearables.

ANTELOPE.CLUB has the vision to help every person activate the full potential of his or her body. We want to help you change your life by changing the way you work out. Whether you are an ambitious athlete, or just someone who looks for the best tools to improve your physical condition -- we have the perfect solution for you: ANTELOPE Series -- revolutionary sportswear based on embedded EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology. We give you the opportunity to work out in the most effective and time efficient manner. Exercise smart with ANTELOPE Series to get the maximum out of your body. Whether outdoors, at the gym or at home -- there are no spatial boundaries anymore.

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