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February 24, 2009 09:01 ET

Antenna Software Debuts First Mobile Instant Messaging (IM) Solution Integrated With a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

AMP™ IM Enables Secure, Auditable, and Real-Time Collaboration Across Multiple Device Platforms

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - February 24, 2009) - GARTNER Wireless & Mobile Summit -- Antenna Software, delivering real business mobility to the world's most demanding enterprises, today announced the launch of AMP™ IM, the first cross-platform, ready-to-deploy mobile instant messaging (IM) solution built specifically for the mobile workforce. With enterprise-grade security and support across multiple devices, AMP IM empowers workers in the field to collaborate with each other in an asynchronous manner, leading to significantly improved knowledge sharing and increased effectiveness. Built as a reusable application component, AMP IM can be easily integrated with voice, e-mail and other mobile applications, or deployed standalone. It runs on BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and iPhone™ devices and offers the security, control and visibility that businesses need in an IM solution.

Despite the many enterprise and consumer-grade solutions available, organizations have hesitated to fully adopt mobile IM due to security, support and management concerns. Instead, mobile workers rely heavily on e-mail, text messaging and phone calls, but these methods sometimes fall short. Because IM offers real-time status information and asynchronous communications, it can be more efficient than phone calls and more responsive than e-mails, helping workers multi-task and be more productive. Also, younger workers who are accustomed to communicating via IM and text messaging will demand these capabilities on their mobile devices -- potentially using unchecked consumer-grade solutions if IT doesn't provide an alternative. It's vital then for companies to properly plan for enterprise IM and roll it out as part of an enterprise-wide mobility platform, as this form of communication and collaboration will continue to be woven into the fabric of enterprise IT systems in the years ahead.

"As user interfaces improve to handle the inherent presence capabilities of IM, mobile IM will finally become the type of popular application envisioned years ago," said Nick Jones, vice president and distinguished analyst, Gartner. "By 2014, mobile IM will be used regularly by more than 50 percent of wireless subscribers in North America and Western Europe."

AMP IM complements an organization's unified communications and mobile strategy, providing a low-cost, auditable and secure means of real-time collaboration among mobile workgroups. Built from the ground up by Antenna as an end-to-end mobile solution, AMP IM is engineered specifically for the needs of the enterprise. It is simple to use and provides the mobile workforce with a quick and easy way to collaborate and communicate -- whenever and wherever they need.

For example, a maintenance representative out in the field could quickly check his peer group to see who was available to answer a quick question regarding a machine malfunction. Without toggling to an outside application or having to exit that application to make a phone call or send an e-mail, the rep could simply use AMP IM to get a response immediately.

"With AMP IM, there are no longer any obstacles to adoption of mobile instant messaging in the enterprise," said Jim Hemmer, CEO, Antenna Software. "AMP IM enables workgroups to communicate quickly and efficiently with one another, but most importantly, it does so within the security and control of an enterprise mobility infrastructure. By integrating AMP IM into the Antenna Mobility Platform, organizations can easily plug IM capabilities into any application, and enjoy telco-grade performance, reliability, control and compliance."

AMP IM can be a stand-alone application or integrated as part of a broader, enterprise-wide mobility platform. Key features and benefits include:

--  Multi-Device Support:  Ability to run on BlackBerry, Windows Mobile
    and iPhone provides enterprise with the freedom of not being locked into a
    single device.
--  Ease of Use:  One-click to call and e-mail from conversations to
    increase efficiency.
--  Auditing and Compliance:  Conversations are automatically logged and
    archived and can be exported, leaving an auditable message trail for
    security and/or compliance purposes.
--  Central Administration:  IT can establish IM work groups, and view IM
    conversation reports via a secure, Web-based dashboard.
--  Presence Indicators and Group Chats:  Users can set their status and
    view the status of others to determine availability, allowing users to
    efficiently collaborate via one-to-one or group chats.
--  Security:  AMP IM provides a controlled and restricted IM environment
    for known users and devices only, a common feature lacking from commercial
    IM solutions.

AMP IM is available now. For more information about AMP IM, visit; or stop by Antenna's Booth G at Gartner Mobile & Wireless, Feb. 23-25, Chicago for a demo.

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