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May 14, 2008 09:29 ET

AntiRazzi -- A New Anti Paparazzi Service for Celebrities

Service Guarantees Freedom From Paparazzi

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - May 14, 2008) - A new service for celebrities, athletes, and anyone wishing to rid themselves of the plague of Paparazzi has launched its private beta test. Called "AntiRazzi" (, this unique service is guaranteed to completely obsolete traditional Paparazzi and free celebrities and sports figures of the scourge of candid photographers.

AntiRazzi's service provides professional, dedicated photographers or "Personal Paparazzi" for persons wishing to rid themselves of the scourge of so-called "Stalkerazzi." AntiRazzi provides hundreds of candid, high-quality, professionally shot photographs daily to subscribing publishers at cut-rate discounts, thus removing the economic incentives that drive Paparazzi and lowering substantial costs to publishers.

AntiRazzi provides a private marketplace of daily candid and exclusive photographs in large volume through an online, auction-style e-commerce system. Exclusive photos and unique, candid offerings can be licensed through the online AntiRazzi marketplace, preserving the ability for publishers to maintain quality content while also providing economic incentives to the subjects themselves.

In this manner, AntiRazzi "cuts the loop" of film in the Paparazzi's spool, spoiling the spoils while still providing publishers with higher quality content at a lower price.

AntiRazzi's Beta launch will conclude later this Summer, with a public launch in the Fall of 2008, including some of the largest names in entertainment and sports, with partner publishers reaping huge rewards and lowering the stress and angst of the current targets of the Paparazzi.

During the Beta period, AntiRazzi is recruiting professional photographers actively and building its network of publishers and celebrities. All interested parties are invited to contact us for further details.




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