ANTVibes Inc.

ANTVibes Inc.

October 06, 2011 13:00 ET

ANTVibes Facilitates Communication and Diversity Within University of Waterloo

Waterloo Start-up Announces its First Large-Scale Deployment of Audible Name Tag (ANT™) Technology

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 6, 2011) - ANTVibes Inc., the creator of Audible Name Tags (ANT™), announced today its first large scale launch of its unique ANT technology through the members of University of Waterloo (Waterloo), Graduate Student Union (GSA) and alumni of the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre (CBET). ANT will be implemented for more than 5,000 members of GSA and CBET alumni.

"Having successfully completed our beta testing in several organizations we are very excited to reach this major milestone and see the adoption of the technology in Waterloo's diverse community of students and campus members, and we are hoping to see a broader implementation of the ANT in upcoming months," said Vigen Nazarian, CEO of ANTVibes.

"Our ability to realize our first major product deployment in less than a year is a reflection of support and guidance we have received from the Accelerator Centre (AC), our Waterloo incubator," said Sam Visiasouk, COO, ANTVibes.

"The ANT is an invaluable tool that opens up communication in increasingly diverse environments. By allowing people to express their culture, and ensure others know how to pronounce their name, ANTs can add value to every-day interactions at post-secondary, government, and private sector organizations, said, Tim Jackson, CEO of Accelerator Centre.

"Everyone has experienced a situation where they are unsure how to pronounce a name, and there is no simpler solution than hearing a person pronounce their own name. ANTVibes provides an easy way to show respect for colleagues and customers by pronouncing their name correctly", said Professor Rod B McNaughton, Director, Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre.

"The idea of the Audible Name Tag or ANT is such a simple answer to a large and obvious need. We at the Graduate Students Association recognize the needs of awareness and respect for proper pronunciation of people's names, especially with the diversity of our student population at the University of Waterloo", said Mike Makahnouk, President, Graduate Student Association.

About ANTVibes

ANTVibes™ Inc. is the provider of Audible Name Tag (ANT™), a proprietary technology solution which offers an instant audio pronunciation in the persons' own voice, to clarify names or words. ANTs could be embedded and shared across various communication platforms to discreetly inform and resolve the challenge of dealing with unfamiliar names or words.

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