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February 18, 2016 07:00 ET

ANTYA Investments Inc. Introduces Investing Solutions That Empower Canadians

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - February 18, 2016) - Today ANTYA Investments Inc. ("ANTYA") challenges entrenched investment management fees, sub-optimal investment performance, and industry orthodoxy by introducing investing solutions that empower Canadians. Portfolios tailored to individual risk profiles namely ANTYA 20/20 for growth investing, ANTYA Pivot (2 variants) for balanced mandates, and ANTYA Sleep Easy Income Portfolio (2 variants) for income requirements are now available to Canadians in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

ANTYA's founder, Neeraj Monga, has deep domain expertise and proven excellence in analysing corporate governance practices and conducting forensic analysis of financial disclosures. Mr. Monga provided valuation advice & investing recommendations to leading money managers of the world for over 14 years on Bay Street. ANTYA now brings the same rigour to our portfolio construction and wealth management services. In an era of low and uncertain returns, ANTYA is positively contributing to the retirement savings challenge faced by Canadians in three meaningful ways:

  1. ANTYA's low fees enable savers to retain more of their contributed and accumulated capital, thereby extending the longevity of their savings pool. In ANTYA's view, with Canadians living longer it should be a very important consideration for all savers.
  2. ANTYA's clients participate in scale benefits associated with robust institutional grade portfolio solutions created from low-cost ETFs and Index funds chosen from our proprietary database. In ANTYA's view, these portfolios can serve a majority of Canadians.
  3. ANTYA's Astute Asset Allocation algorithm keeps track of 12 quantitative and qualitative indicators of portfolio performance used by leading institutional money managers of the world. Therefore, all our clients benefit from industry best-practices.

"The Astute Asset Allocation algorithm, developed by ANTYA's team, forms the backbone of our AAA promise to Canadians," said Mr. Monga. ANTYA's unique algorithm keeps track of more than 100 global ETFs in its database, and is updated monthly to keep track of developing global trends and emerging opportunities. The world of Active Stock Picking is undergoing a significant change, and ANTYA's intention is to lead and shape this revolutionary transformation. "We will continue to push the technological frontier for our clients," said Tauseef Riaz, one of ANTYA's earliest backers. With more than a billion dollars of venture investments to his credit Mr. Riaz brings a unique global perspective to ANTYA. Daniela Liscio, and Qing Li, are other highly accomplished members of ANTYA's advisory board.

To better serve its clients ANTYA has partnered with one of the leading financial risk profiling engines from Australia, used in more than 11 countries with approximately 1 million individuals assessed so far. Our robust risk profiling tool provides prospective clients with a comprehensive report, that forms the background for a detailed discussion, thereby enabling ANTYA to deliver on its AAA promise.

ANTYA is simultaneously launching VITARKA, a monthly publication highlighting our views on Markets, Investing, Economy and More. The first issue of VITARKA titled, Asset Allocation Holds Fort: Lower Fees Empower Investors, highlights the challenges facing active stock management & the mutual fund industry and is available for free download at VITARKA argues that investors can significantly improve portfolio performance by embracing Astute Asset Allocation and adopting Simplicity and Transparency in their investing decisions, thereby boosting individual retirement assets. ANTYA's website provides many interactive quantitative tools for savers to simulate scenarios and assess outcomes. ANTYA encourages Canadians to subscribe to our research to enhance their understanding of financial and investment decisions, and gain from our insights.

"Unlike some others, ANTYA's investment philosophy benefits from the unique experiences of its founders and advisors who have decades of cumulative skill in public and private investing, corporate governance analysis and other strategic aspects related to business. We have the insights to provide distinctive and actionable solutions," said Mr. Monga.

ANTYA encourages investors to visit to learn more about our AAA promise and experience the difference.

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