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May 01, 2007 14:53 ET

Anue Systems Ships Network Emulator for IPTV

AUSTIN, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 1, 2007 -- Anue Systems, Inc., the leader in Network Emulation, is now shipping the GEM v2.5 Network Emulator -- with enhanced support for IPTV testing. GEM v2.5 enables IPTV service providers to conduct rigorous and realistic lab testing of IPTV systems and applications prior to deployment on production networks.

New IPTV testing features available for GEM v2.5 offer the ability to precisely apply and manage a broad variety of network impairments to MPEG H.262 and H.264 type I, P and/or B frames:

--  Frame drop, frame reordering, frame duplication
--  Packet delay, dynamic packet delay variation (jitter)
--  Bandwidth shaping and throttling
When present in real world networks, these impairments can cause picture freeze, pixilation, blurriness and audio chirps that spoil the consumer IPTV experience. By testing in the lab with Anue Systems Network Emulators, service providers can tune their video applications to be resilient to these impairments.

"As service providers prepare the first wave of IPTV applications, they want to test these in a lab environment which replicates the conditions they will experience on real world networks," said Sameer Gupta, VP of Engineering at Anue Systems. "We have engineered our GEM 2.5 Network Emulator to provide an authentic replica of these real world network impairments. This gives IPTV service providers confidence their customers will have a superior Quality of Experience."

Anue Systems network emulators are used in network test labs to recreate the effects of real world network impairments. Supported protocols include IP, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH, OTN, and CPRI. Anue Systems Network Emulators introduce network delays, errors and other network impairments during network testing and system validation -- ensuring that customers' network applications, systems and services will operate effectively when deployed on production networks.

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Anue Systems is the leader in Network Emulation. Anue Systems Network Emulators enable companies to plan, analyze, test and verify the Quality-of-Experience and performance of network applications, devices and services. Anue Systems customers include the leading network equipment manufacturers, network service providers, government agencies and contractors, research institutions, and Enterprise companies.

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