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June 04, 2009 15:59 ET

Anything Green Online and Transportation Divisions of Anything Brands Online, Inc. Stimulate Job Creation Through Delivery of Organic and Natural Produce Direct to Consumer at Favorable Prices

TUCSON, AZ and OVERLAND PARK, KS--(Marketwire - June 4, 2009) - Anything Brands Online, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ANYT) announced today the official launch of its Anything Green Online (AGO) Division ( Based on the logistics leadership of its transportation divisions and the direct-to-consumer platform of Anything Brands Online, AGO has created a program to allow consumers to order fresh organic produce on-line that will be delivered to distribution points for local consumer pick up throughout the USA. AGO will be investing in green agriculture technology that will allow organic produce to be delivered for the same price charged by supermarkets for the same non-organic products. The company will manage the logistics and transportation of produce direct to predetermined series of distribution points for redistribution direct to consumers. The company expects its Anything Green Online and transportation divisions will benefit from increased revenues and profits associated with this business segment.

Anything Green Online has selected the ideal farming region of Imperial Valley, California for winter and spring harvests. Imperial Valley, a farming region previously known for the production of winter tomatoes and other crops for USA markets, has been affected by direct job losses to Mexico. Mexico grows and exports more than 2 billion pounds a year of fresh tomatoes to the USA. Anything Green Online's program will stimulate jobs by working with family farms for the production and sales of produce of direct to consumers. AGO will allow consumers to order produce 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through its online website.

There are three components that AGO has determined that will drive the success of this program. First, the produce needs to be grown with organic technology that reduces costs and the use of resources such as water and fuel. Secondly, consumers need to order on-line at to reduce costs associated with supermarket mark-ups, waste and inefficiencies. Consumers will be able to see their produce at the farm at the AGO website, meet the growers and order their produce 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Third, the consumer needs to have a convenient pick-up location for their organic produce near their home or workplace.

It is worth noting that the demand for organic fresh produce has plummeted by an estimated 25% during the current economic crisis in the USA. This can only be due to the higher price that organic produce conventionally sells for. It is a virtual certainty that consumers will always select organic fresh produce instead of produce grown with chemicals, if the organic produce is the same price as the non-organic products. This can only be accomplished through the direct sale to consumers, avoiding the mark-up at the supermarket. In this way, the farmer is earning a significantly larger share of the sale price and the consumer is able to enjoy fresh from the farm organic produce without paying more for it.

According to the USA Census date, more than 10,000 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms currently sell fresh produce directly to consumers in the USA during the summer months. The AGO Program provides fresh organic produce during the months that fresh produce is not available locally. Anything Green Online will not compete with local growers. AGO will compete with foreign growers from Mexico and other nations that are supplying a large percentage of winter and spring produce to the USA.

AGO invites all USA citizens to visit to tell us where we should distribute fresh organic produce for the same price as non-organic produce. The produce will be delivered direct from the farm and is expected to cost less than the same produce at the supermarkets. Winter produce from the Imperial Valley will not compete with local summer produce from CSAs. The Imperial Valley produce is intended to replace foreign produce.

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