SOURCE: Anywhere MD Inc.

May 10, 2006 06:30 ET

Anywhere MD INC. Is Now Shipping the New Version 5.6 of Its Clinical Software

ATASCADERO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 10, 2006 -- Anywhere MD INC. (OTC: ANWM) -- Anywhere MD INC. is now shipping the new version 5.6 of its clinical software. Some of the new features include: custom diagnostic templates, electronic documentation capabilities, new patient ID field to support patients with multiple claims and better compatibility with the latest wireless point of care technologies.

Said Steve Hixson, CEO, "These new features in the latest version of the software allow the physician to document the patient visit in a matter of seconds. Let's take a rotator cuff injury for example. The Doctor knows what his or her standard protocol is for a rotator cuff injury. The tedious part is documenting these common injuries over and over. Now Doctors can program their exact protocols into the software, which in turn will eliminate over 50% of the time it takes to document an initial exam for any condition. All documentation can also be sent electronically. The Doctor can email reports, notes and letters to insurance companies, attorneys, other physicians and even patients. These electronic submissions eliminate an enormous amount of labor for the Doctor and the staff while providing better patient care and better communication."

About Anywhere MD -

Anywhere MD INC. (OTC: ANWM) provides state-of-the-art HealthCare Technologies that are shaping a new generation of patient care. Anywhere MD's expertise in clinical documentation for physicians offers a broad range of technology products to improve productivity for healthcare providers and enable them to diagnose, treat and manage patient information at the highest level.

Anywhere MD INC. develops, markets, sells and supports proprietary software applications for mobile handheld devices. These mobile applications provide the physician with the most recent and accurate healthcare information at the "Point Of Care." This technology eliminates a confusing and tedious 'paper trail' that can lead to inaccurate and inadequate patient charting, resulting in malpractice suits and poor patient care.

Anywhere MD INC. is now positioned to continue its expansion of Handheld and other Mobile Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software applications into the Military. It is very difficult for Military Medical Personnel to give the best quality of care in the field without the latest medical history of the patient. Using the proprietary technologies of Anywhere MD INC. "In the Field" will ensure that the Medical Personnel have the latest and most up to date information at the point of care, wherever that may be. Anywhere MD INC. is dedicated to bringing the latest mobile healthcare technologies from the private sector into the military for the benefit of our service men and women.

AMD is headquartered on the central coast of California and is committed to serving thousands of healthcare professionals across the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. Company web site is and contact is Jay Smith at 775-827-4557.

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