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March 29, 2006 06:30 ET

Anywhere MD, Inc. (OTC: ANWM) Reports Fiscal Year End 2005 Revenues up More Than 1000% From Fiscal Year 2004, First Traunch of Funding Available

ATASCADERO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 29, 2006 -- Anywhere MD, Inc. (OTC: ANWM) reports fiscal year end 2005 revenues up more than 1000% from fiscal year 2004, first traunch of funding available. The company announced today that fiscal year 2005 revenues have been posted on The company feels it is important to keep its shareholders and potential shareholders abreast of current events and will continue to provide timely information as required by fully reporting companies.

In other news the company, having reached its first corporate milestone per its agreement with Asian Asset, LLC will be receiving its first traunch of $50,000 in April from the fund to further expand its products and services.

Said Steve Hixson, CEO of ANWM, "It is so important to expand our market base, and thus our market share, to include not just the Chiropractic industry which can and will be a significant revenue stream but to also enable the entire medical community to have access to accurate and updated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) on a real-time basis. It's not just about the dollars and cents this growth will provide ANWM and its shareholders. It is also about the overall peace of mind patients all over the world will have when their entire medical history is in one place for review even though their Medical Records are a compilation of data from various sources." Mr. Hixson went on to say, "It's about lives, it's about quality of life."

The technology and software of Anywhere MD, Inc. has been extremely successful over the past 6 years in the Chiropractic Industry. Combining the forefront of technology and large marketing campaigns has ensured this success. Computer hardware and peripherals are rapidly evolving and so must the software that runs on them. There are development tools available now that never existed 2 years ago. These new development tools will allow increased capabilities for the current application, which is owned, sold, distributed and supported exclusively by Anywhere MD, Inc. A re-write of the current application will allow Anywhere MD, Inc. to shock the current market with new technologies and enhanced features.

Currently the Company's handheld application is the only documentation program in the Chiropractic industry compatible with the Palm OS. There is an ongoing battle between competing Companies over which handheld is better. Not one of our competitors has developed a handheld application that is compatible with both the Palm OS and the Microsoft CE OS. The consumer market is divided approximately 50/50 on the handheld issue. Anywhere MD, Inc. will be the first Company in the Chiropractic industry to have an application that works on both platforms. This will increase the market 100% for Anywhere MD, Inc. An increased marketing campaign is the most effective way to demonstrate new technologies and enhanced features. Our past marketing campaigns have demonstrated the importance of heavy advertising. A re-write of the current application will also allow Anywhere MD, Inc. to resell the current customer base of 3,376 Chiropractors. Company projections demonstrate, at total saturation of the Chiropractic market alone (50,000), this is a $202,083,635 Market. The yearly support revenue at total saturation of the Market is $81,782,260.

About Anywhere MD --

Anywhere MD, Inc. (OTC: ANWM) provides state-of-the-art HealthCare Technologies that are shaping a new generation of patient care. Anywhere MD's expertise in clinical documentation for physicians offers a broad range of technology products to improve productivity for healthcare providers and enable them to diagnose, treat and manage patient information at the highest level. Anywhere MD, Inc. develops, markets, sells and supports proprietary software applications for mobile handheld devices. These mobile applications provide the physician with the most recent and accurate healthcare information at the "Point Of Care." This technology eliminates a confusing and tedious 'paper trail' that can lead to inaccurate and inadequate patient charting, resulting in malpractice suits and poor patient care. As an example Anywhere MD, Inc. is now positioned to continue its expansion of Handheld and other Mobile Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software applications into the Military. It is very difficult for Military Medical Personnel to give the best quality of care in the field without the latest medical history of the patient. Using the proprietary technologies of Anywhere MD, Inc. "In the Field," will ensure that the Medical Personnel have the latest and most up to date information at the point of care, wherever that may be. Anywhere MD, Inc. is dedicated to bringing the latest mobile healthcare technologies from the private sector into the military for the benefit of our service men and women.

AMD is headquartered on the central coast of California and is committed to serving thousands of healthcare professionals across the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. Company web site is and contact is Jay Smith at 775-827-4557.

Except historical matter contained herein, matters discussed in this news release are forward-looking statements and are made pursuant to the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements reflect assumptions and involve risk and uncertainties, which may affect the Company's business and prospects and cause actual results to differ materially from these forward-looking statements.

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