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March 01, 2016 05:00 ET

AOM Connecting With Therapists

Address Our Mess Is Connecting With Mental Health Professionals for Hoarding Issues

VOORHEES, NJ and PHILADELPHIA, PA and BALTIMORE, MD and WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - March 01, 2016) - Address Our Mess (AOM) acknowledges that hoarding is a mental condition. Though AOM is a hoarding and clutter clean up company, the company does not just want to focus solely on the physical clutter within the property. A hoarding situation most likely will not be permanently resolved if only the physical aspects are addressed. Since the situation occurs due to a mental condition, psychological assistance is necessary for a more permanent outcome. AOM is going the extra mile by reaching out to mental health professionals on the East coast in order to provide clients with complete, satisfactory help.

Hoarding behavior has a psychological origin. Though the direct cause may vary from anything from a traumatic experience to a symptom of another mental condition, the hoarding behavior itself can negatively impact the lives of those involved. AOM provides the physical clean up services to sort, organize, and remove clutter within the homes, but unfortunately, maintaining a clutter-free environment is an ongoing task. If the individual does not address the psychological aspects of his/her behavior, there is a risk for a relapse in hoarding habits. Due to the possibility of this relapse into cluttered conditions, AOM is seeking to increase a focus on the psychological side of this phenomenon.

Mental health professionals are able to talk with people and help them evaluate their situation, as well as figure out the best course of action. In the case of hoarding, many people may not consider the psychological components or even be aware that there are such components involved. Behavior will still progress if left unattended. Mental health professionals are able to address the behavioral issues involved and help put a permanent end to hoarding and the dangers that accompany the conditions. AOM is trying to bring about change to hoarding situations by shifting the focus from solely a business to focusing on the people themselves. The main objective is to help people. With this aspiration in mind, AOM is reaching out to mental health professionals to gain more insight and provide additional outlets for help.

AOM is currently seeking to connect with mental health professionals within New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington, DC. The goal is to gain knowledge from these qualified experts in order to provide a more comprehensive, durable service. In addition to increasing the company knowledge, AOM is seeking to share newly gained knowledge and experiences with the individuals who are hoarding, friends, family, and communities that are seeking more information about the hoarding condition.

The hoarding condition can impact various aspects of life such as physical, emotional, mental, financial, and social. In order to efficiently address a hoarding situation, it is necessary to approach with compassion, respect, and expertise. The main objective is to improve the lives of all those involved within the hoarding situation, and Address Our Mess is seeking to do so in a complete and positive manner, addressing all aspects involved. Address Our Mess is connecting with mental health professionals in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington, DC, requesting to conduct interviews about their specialized wisdom and roles, in order to ensure the best help is provided to individuals with hoarding behavior and the loved ones who are involved.

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