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June 27, 2016 04:30 ET

AOM Helping Seniors Keep Safe

Address Our Mess Offers Seniors Hoarding Cleanup Help

BALTIMORE, MD and JACKSONVILLE, FL--(Marketwired - June 27, 2016) - The hoarding condition can produce various dangers, from collapsing mounds of clutter to fire hazards. Seniors tend to be prone to hoarding habits due to a lifetime of clutter accumulation, among other reasons for senior hoarding. Hoarding conditions may be threatening the safety and well-being of the senior resident as well as worrying family, friends, and senior assistance services. In general, many dangers can threaten seniors, and along with hazards that are common in the summer season, such as treacherous heat levels, the dangerous combination can prove to be fatal. Address Our Mess is seeking to minimize dangers senior citizens are exposed to by offering hoarding cleanup services in order to restore safety and a sound mind. Seniors within the states of Maryland and Florida are currently able to utilize these specialized cleaning services that are being offered by Address Our Mess.

Address Our Mess is able to compassionately and respectfully assist with senior hoarding situations. Many times a hoarding problem is discovered by family members or living assistance, but they are unsure how to adequately help clear the clutter from the property and/or may even be overwhelmed by the extent of the conditions. It is crucial to address the situation rather than prolong the process of clearing the home. If the cleaning and decluttering is delayed, it can continue to build up and create various problems. Address Our Mess is working towards creating a safe environment for the deserving elders in order to provide them with a clean, habitable home that they may enjoy rather than fear.

Often times, health concerns accompany aging. If emergency assistance is needed, they may not always be able to get to the ailing senior if hoarding conditions are present. Address Our Mess recognizes this concern and is offering senior citizen cleaning services to assist elderly residents create a safe, accessible home. The clutter and hoarding cleanup services that are being offered are specialized services. Unlike many junk haulers, Address Our Mess will be working with the senior and family in order to ensure satisfaction rather than throwing absolutely everything in sight away, which can risk important documents and items being discarded. The company knows the value the owner sees in his/her items and wants to ensure the individual is able to part with items but still have a say.

If hoarding conditions are threatening the safety of the resident or an elderly couple simply needs to downsize their home but has a lifetime collection of belongings, Address Our Mess is assisting residents of Maryland and Florida with decluttering and cleaning needs. Whether clutter is scattered around the house covering surfaces or if it has reached towering proportions, no job is too big for the Address Our Mess to assist with. If a loved one is asking for help or a senior patient has been discovered hoarding, Address Our Mess is extending a helping hand.

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