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January 07, 2011 08:00 ET

AOP Worldwide Products and Technology Bring a Needed Fresh Scientific Approach to the Enormous Fertilizer Industry

SPRINGFIELD, OH--(Marketwire - January 7, 2011) - Talisman Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: TMHO) -- The important relationship of fertilizer to food production is universally recognized. For example, it is estimated that fertilizers are responsible for more than a third of total U.S. crop production. During the 2008 U.N. Food Summit, more than 180 world leaders addressed the food crisis and stressed an urgent need "to decisively step up investment in science and technology for food and agriculture."

Given the necessity of increased global food production, it is almost impossible to believe that informal sources report that about 75% of fertilizers and fertilizer technology used throughout the world today was developed or improved during the 1950s to 1970s by scientists and engineers at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Inadequate public funding caused the closure of the TVA fertilizer research program, and, today, publicly funded fertilizer research and development has essentially ceased -- and so has the flow of new and more efficient fertilizers and fertilizer manufacturing voids.

Dr. Norman Borlaug, 1970 Nobel Laureate, says, "I am concerned about the state of the fertilizer industry itself. With the price of energy increasing, we need to find cheaper, more effective ways to nourish food crops. The price tag for increasing productivity in Africa will be quite high. The fertilizer industry needs to do everything in its power to minimize that cost. Farmers are praying way too much for fertilizer products because we are transporting millions of tons of material that is not nutrient and because much of the nutrients in applied fertilizers are never used by the crop. Nutrient losses to the environment are high with consequences for global warming and water pollution. Work should begin now on the next generation of fertilizer products..."

The aforementioned TVA technology fueled the sweeping advances of U.S. farmers in food and fiber production in the 1960s-1980s. It is estimated that a $41 million investment in fertilizer research returned the enormous sum of $57 billion to U.S. agriculture. That's a benefit: cost ratio of more than $20 to $1, and serves to demonstrate the enormous financial potential of new approaches.

Into the existing void of better methodology and meeting the challenge of a new generation of energy efficient fertilizers steps Advanced Organic Products Worldwide (AOP), a wholly owned subsidiary of Talisman Holdings, Inc. AOP, with its technology partner, has created an organic liquid fertilizer made from fresh fish. This high quality organic product is a great soil food for stimulating microbial life. It is produced from renewable ingredients using a proprietary enzymatic low temperature process which maximizes plant growth and nutritional values, and is the environmentally wise and healthy choice.

This revolutionary product takes fertilizer to a whole new level, and leaves previous methods in the dust. It creates a unique composting effect as the enzymes break down the nutrients locked in the soil and provide an excellent food source for soil microbes, in a natural way.

It is leaving its competition in the lurch because of its many features and benefits, which include:

  • Grows strong plants with abundant flowers and fruit, and deep green lawns
  • Formulated for both foliar and root zone applications
  • No fish odor with a hint of mint added
  • Cold process preserves nutrients
  • Creates a fertile root zone environment to promote the growth of microorganisms
  • Contains a dormant beneficial bacteria that activates upon application
  • 100% fish protein broken down (hydrolyzed) into readily absorbable nutrients
  • Low cost per application
  • Easy application -- comes with ready to use hose-end sprayer
  • Safe when used as directed -- will not stripe or burn
  • Efficient for use with spray or drip irrigation systems (200 mesh screens)
  • Environmentally friendly -- organic and biodegradable product
  • Made from fish -- a renewable and sustainable resource
  • 100% organic fertilizer
  • Decreased water usage

Given the superiority of its organic product, and the fact that many existing solutions are not environmentally sound, AOP believes it can capture a significant share of the huge $175 billion worldwide fertilizer market.

"The need for increased food is escalating, but, until now, technology has not kept pace. In our world increased production of crops isn't a hope -- it is an absolute necessity. We have created a technologically advanced product that addresses this need. We are increasing crop production, and enhancing the nutritional value of the food we eat in one fell swoop. It is our firm belief that we will achieve our goal of being a responsible corporate citizen, while at the same time becoming a major player in the gigantic fertilizer industry," said David Long, Talisman President.

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