January 21, 2015 08:00 ET

AOTMP White Paper Release -- Assessing Hard Dollar Savings With Telecom Expense Management

Efficiency First® Experts Explain the Value of TEM Within the Telecom Environment

INDIANAPOLIS, IN--(Marketwired - January 21, 2015) - AOTMP is pleased to release Assessing Hard Dollar Savings with Telecom Expense Management (TEM), the most recent white paper in AOTMP's popular Thought Leadership Series.

Generating hard dollar savings is the primary objective of every telecom expense management (TEM) program; although other goals may be in place such as streamlining processes and workflow, improving telecom decision making and increasing policy compliance and enforcement, organizations implement TEM first and foremost to reduce costs.

According to a recent AOTMP research study, fixed TEM programs generate 7.7% in annual savings and mobile TEM programs generate 9.4% in annual savings, on average. This white paper serves to assess the hard dollar savings generated through fixed and mobile TEM programs and will benefit many different audiences. Organizations implementing a program can utilize the information for benchmarking purposes to measure current and future performance. Organizations considering a program deployment can use the data to solidify the TEM business case. Finally, TEM vendors can use the information to benchmark actual savings results achieved for their customers in order to enhance their value proposition.

"Fixed and mobile TEM programs absolutely drive hard dollar savings," states Tim Lybrook, CEO. "However, there are multiple industry standards and best practices to align within the telecom environment. If a TEM is working properly, those hard dollar savings should be realized in the early stages of the program and then decline over time. Organizations should also consider additional standards and best practices to build and maintain telecom management excellence to align with their overall business objectives."

All Thought Leadership Series publications are authored by AOTMP's talented research and advisory team of subject matter experts that possess unparalleled knowledge in all areas of fixed and mobile telecom management. The perspectives shared are based on AOTMP's extensive industry research and proven best practices derived from previous experiences and client successes. AOTMP's Thought Leadership Series offers a unique knowledge resource for AOTMP customers and the telecom management marketplace alike, providing pertinent information on current trends and challenges affecting the industry.

Assessing Hard Dollar Savings with Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is now available for complimentary download. For more information on AOTMP's Thought Leadership Series, please contact or call 800-860-8608.

The Authority On Telecom Management Practices, AOTMP, is an information services company focused on establishing and maintaining high-performance, best-in-class fixed and mobile telecom environments. Partnering with enterprises and public sector organizations and their telecom vendors, the AOTMP Efficiency First® Program uses information and analytics to drive efficiency, performance and productivity while significantly reducing costs.

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