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October 02, 2012 07:33 ET

Apio, Inc. Launches Eat Smart Beneforte Naturally Better Broccoli Nationwide

Now Arriving at All Sam's Club Stores, New Broccoli Bred From Wild Italian Variety Boosts Antioxidant Enzyme Levels

GUADALUPE, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 2, 2012) -  Apio, Inc., a leading retail supplier of fresh-cut vegetables, today announced the national launch of Eat Smart® Beneforté® broccoli, a delicious broccoli variety offering American consumers improved nutritional benefits to help support a healthy lifestyle. Beneforté® is the newest addition to Apio's line of Eat Smart® branded products. As part of its nationwide launch, the product is now available at Sam's Club stores across the U.S. and other leading grocery retailers. 

"After garnering strong interest during our regional launches, we are excited to make Beneforté® available nationwide at all Sam's Club locations," said Cali Tanguay, director of marketing, Apio, Inc. "Beneforté® offers consumers everywhere a smart, time-saving solution to incorporating fresh, ready-to-use vegetables into their daily diets."

Beneforté® is the result of cross-pollination and selection, combining the best attributes of commercial broccoli with an uncultivated wild broccoli variety found in Southern Italy. This wild variety has a unique, increased ability to produce the phytonutrient glucoraphanin, which is also naturally present in other vegetables like cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and kale. Each serving of Beneforté® broccoli naturally contains 2-3 times the amount of the phytonutrient glucoraphanin, compared to other leading broccoli varieties produced under similar growing conditions. Glucoraphanin is a phytonutrient that boosts a body's antioxidant enzyme levels. These enzymes maintain the antioxidant activity of vitamins A, C, and E in the body. These antioxidant enzymes help sustain normal cellular processes and maintain the body's defenses against the damage of the environmental pollutants and free radicals.

"Many people already consider broccoli to be a super food because it offers a high level of nutrition at a low caloric cost, but Beneforté® goes beyond that," said Rachel Brandeis, registered dietitian. "It really is a better broccoli that tastes and looks like other varieties, but with the added benefit of naturally boosting your body's defenses."

Beneforté® broccoli is washed, trimmed and packaged in Apio, Inc.'s patented BreatheWay® technology, which naturally maximizes shelf life. The suggested retail price is approximately $5 for a two-pound bag. For more information on the product and availability, please visit

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