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November 19, 2015 08:00 ET

Apixio Transforms Healthcare With Cognitive Computing Platform Iris

Iris Unlocks Untapped Medical Data to Enable Better Coordinated Care and Outcomes

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2015) - Apixio Inc., the data science company for healthcare, today unveiled Iris, a cognitive computing platform designed to bring advanced data insights to healthcare. Iris extracts and analyzes patient data that was previously trapped as unstructured data in medical records, giving healthcare providers unprecedented access to groundbreaking information to create an accurate patient care profile. With Iris, Apixio is fueling a data revolution that will boost the quality and efficiency of healthcare.

Each year the U.S. produces 1.2 billion clinical care documents, but nearly 80 percent of the data inside these documents is unstructured and hard to access. Adding to the difficulty of the situation, the average medical chart is stored in multiple fragments across various locations and systems. Without a unifying system to access, process and interpret medical record data, much of it is left unused and unanalyzed. Cognitive computing technologies like Iris make use of the untapped 80 percent of information locked up in medical charts, revealing patterns and insights that have the power to transform the delivery and consumption of care. 

"Healthcare and technology are at a crossroads, and we are on the cusp of a data-rich healthcare future. If doctors and healthcare organizations know more about patients, they can make more informed decisions that will supercharge the value of care," said Darren Schulte, CEO, Apixio. "The Iris platform unlocks the untapped 80 percent of patient data that lives in written medical records, unveiling insights that will change the delivery and consumption of healthcare as we know it."

To provide power and scale for healthcare analytics, Apixio designed a four-layered architecture and implemented it using open source and commercial products as well as its own patented innovations. The platform uses Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers and the Apache Hadoop solution stack which provides it with the scalability and throughput to process massive data volumes and deliver responsive performance.

"Making sense of unstructured healthcare data is extremely challenging and requires sophisticated technology like cognitive computing to make the information useful," said Bob Rogers, Chief Data Scientist for Big Data Solutions, Intel. "By using Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers, Apixio's cognitive computing platform has the performance needed to do computationally intensive workloads that ultimately unlock untold value in healthcare data."

The Iris platform uses Apixio's proprietary data extraction tools and machine learning algorithms to create a self-learning system. Iris' ability to access healthcare data will give providers real-time access to information and a deeper understanding of patient health.

The platform's comprehensive data integration suite securely handles structured and unstructured data whether it comes from electronic healthcare records (EHRs), custom systems or scanned files. Its scalable data processing pipeline prepares unstructured notes and records for analysis. After processing incoming data, Apixio's advanced analytics are applied to build healthcare models of each patient. Comprised of the latest natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies, the analytics engine profiles health, evaluates risk and enables better quality care decisions and performance.

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Also Today: Apixio Announces HCC Profiler
In a separate press release today, Apixio announced its HCC Profiler solution built upon the Iris platform. The HCC Profiler mines clinical charts and medical billing data to accurately compute patient risk scores three times faster than traditional chart review methods

About Apixio
Powered by its cognitive computing platform, Iris, Apixio brings advanced data to healthcare by extracting and analyzing previously trapped unstructured medical record data, giving healthcare providers unprecedented access to groundbreaking insights.

Apixio's computing platform is built upon the insights from analyzing more than 5.1 million patient charts. Our HCC Profiler Solution mines medical charts and Medicare-reported chronic condition data to more efficiently and accurately compute patient risk scores than traditional chart review methods. HCC Profiler enables more targeted care delivery and helps Medicare set payer and provider payment for patients enrolled in Medicare Advantage (MA), powering more cost-effective, high-quality care.

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