SOURCE: Aplix Corporation

February 16, 2009 21:46 ET

Aplix SafeWID Enables Secure Device Access for Mobile Widgets and Mashup

TOKYO--(Marketwire - February 16, 2009) - Aplix Corporation (TSE: 3727) is pleased to announce availability of its SafeWID product (code name WebVM) for commercial licensing. SafeWID significantly enhances the functionality of websites for mobile phones by providing secure access to the services of the phone -- such as geolocation, access to personal information, and Bluetooth connectivity. For phones that incorporate a Java™ runtime, SafeWID is also able to provide seamless integration of Java functionality into websites through JavaScript.

Traditional websites can take advantage of this capability to add features such as location sensitivity, or the ability to synchronize social network friends with the phone's address book. However, it is also anticipated that a whole new generation of websites can be created for mobile devices that take over from traditional installed applications, in the same way as is happening on the desktop. SafeWID integrates with an installed Java runtime so that any of the phone features exposed by Java are also available to the JavaScript programmer, and includes a comprehensive security framework so that access to those features is only enabled for authorized websites.

Aplix is best known as the most successful independent software supplier of Java runtimes to the cellular industry, and SafeWID is an important step as part of its continuing push to innovate and expand its product base beyond its traditional markets.

Aplix has already begun commercial discussions with several handset manufacturers for the licensing of this technology. Development is already underway for deployment on existing handset platforms, and this technology is already being shipped for devices expected to be on the market by the end of 2009."

"I am delighted that we can announce the availability of this exciting new product," said Ryu Koriyama, CEO of Aplix Corporation. "We believe that web applications will play a large role in delivering content and services to mobile users in the future. SafeWID leverages on third party environments to enable greater user functionality and support the creation of more exciting and robust applications. We have been able to use our extensive Java experience to ensure that the real-world needs of operators, content developers, manufacturers and consumers can all be met in this new environment."

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