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Apollo Health and Beauty Care

January 06, 2016 09:43 ET

Apollo Introduces New CoolBoost Mouthwash Technology

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - January 06, 2016) - While mouthwash is not a substitute for brushing your teeth, it does reach all areas of your mouth which your toothbrush and floss cannot reach. It is a great way to combat bad breath, promote tooth and gum care and actively challenge the growth of bad bacteria.

Current technology mouthwashes provide the feeling of freshness through the stimulation of taste receptors on the tongue. This methodology has limitations to the type of sensation you feel and decreases the longevity of that fresh feeling. Moreover, most mouthwashes use sweeteners that can be used by the bacteria in your mouth to cause cavities.

Apollo's revolutionary CoolBoost technology stimulates the cold receptors in the mouth cavity rather than taste receptors on the tongue. This advancement offers substantive benefits. It is significantly less irritating to the tongue allowing the tongue to properly taste foods and beverages yet maintaining the cooling freshness impact sought by users. Additionally, the cooling freshness effect can be extended for upwards of 3 hours. Importantly, Apollo has developed formulas which avoid cavity-causing sugars and polyols (sugar alcohols) and, instead, adopt sweeteners that are not metabolised by the cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth thereby minimising the possibility of cavities.

This progression of technology in oral care represents a material enhancement in the quality offering of mouthwash and leapfrogs existing strategies in the marketplace.

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