January 27, 2010 08:45 ET

Apple Press Conference: Insider Report by PowerPennyStocks.com

Code of silence broken with "tablet talk" and what this means for the AAPL shareholder and stock price

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Apple Inc. (AAPL), purportedly after 10 years of development, is touting another evolution in personal computing. Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything, and the one purpose of the Apple Press Conference tomorrow, in our opinion, is the introduction of the Apple tablet to the world.

The "MacBook Touch" some have called it, others the "iPad". Certainly we've all seen the iPhone revolutionizing the multi-touch interface but will the "iPad" bring a whole new meaning to "let your fingers do the walking"? Or are we just talking about a bigger iPhone folks?

What does this means for Apple shareholders and AAPL stock price? Read on...

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AAPL Insider Stock History

In 1984 Apple introduced the Macintosh, in 2001 the iPod, in 2007 the iPhone. Well in 2010, it's the MacBook Touch. Will the MacBook Touch revolutionize mobile computing? When Apple launched the iPhone in June 2007, the stock price was around $120 per share and in December 2007 was running at $189. Yesterday AAPL closed at $205! Think if you bought Apple when it launched the iPod in 2001, with a share price sitting at around $10 - that would be a classic Power Picks "10 bagger"!!!

Expect the unexpected. Feature rich & function heavy!

Talk about multi-functions: from the expected - creating spreadsheets, documents & presentations, to web search (the usual music, videos and photos), to the more enhanced and impressive - voice and handwriting recognition, sketching capability, and iChat videoconferencing.

All this wrapped in a tightly, durable, classic Apple-attention-to-beauty style. And built to go in the wireless world with built-in in Wimax and GPS. This is a whole lot more than surfing the web, electronic reading device, and with just a touch the MacBook Touch may again revolutionize technology. Check out this great video put together by an MBA for a Product Management class at Georgia State University, www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqBcBea0IHE.

Just another eBook reader? We think not!

If that's the case, look out Barnes & Noble, look out Kindle. Look at what iTunes did to the music industry. Think of the impact "iBooks" would have released to the current iTunes customer base and what this means to the publishing industry. One would have to agree, Steve Jobs has hit one out of the ballpark!

What does all this mean for Apple shareholders and AAPL stock price?

With target estimates on the rise by Credit Suisse – new price target of $275, and Barclays - price target up to $265, we'd say we're looking at a classic "out-perform rating". As rumors fly this morning and with a 4% rise in the stock price yesterday… our recommendation is - keep AAPL on the radar and watch this morning's reactions across the blog world as Mac users and PC geeks alike, will rant and rave on this new hip tech toy. Today the tech sphere is a-buzz, tomorrow and over the next few weeks and months the stock board should light up!

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