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Applied Recognition Inc.

February 13, 2017 10:57 ET

Applied Recognition Announces Ver-ID Face Recognition Now Available for Apache Cordova Developers

Cordova developers can now easily add face and credential authentication to mobile apps

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - February 13, 2017) - Applied Recognition Inc. announced today support for Apache's Cordova, the popular, open source, mobile application framework. Developers using Cordova or Adobe's PhoneGap, a popular distribution of Cordova, can now easily add Ver-ID face and photo ID credential authentication to iOS and Android mobile applications by adding just a few lines of code.

Ver-ID face authentication adds biometric security and convenience to any mobile application. Developers can use Ver-ID for a number of user scenarios including;

  • Replacing or complementing traditional username/password logins by adding face authentication as a primary and/ or secondary access control mechanism.
  • Adding second factor authentication (2FA) to increase security for website access by using face authentication on a mobile app in addition to traditional, browser-based logins.
  • Adding photo ID authentication to meet AML/KYC compliance and to deter, detect and mitigate fraudsters from impersonating users.
  • Adding security to transactions and enabling digitally signed documents by authenticating and capturing a live face in the process.

Ver-ID Authentication is built on Applied Recognition's face recognition algorithm, FaceLocate™, trained for over a decade on hundreds of thousands of faces. FaceLocate can achieve up to 99.99% accuracy, mapping facial features to create a unique faceprint for each registered user.

Ver-ID works entirely on the user's device without capturing, sending or storing data in the cloud. This improves performance and increases privacy and security to meet government regulations and guidelines regarding biometric data.

"The ongoing digital transformation is moving sensitive, high-value transactions to mobile devices, driving the need for multimodal biometric features, such as Ver-ID's face authentication, to improve the user experience and provide increased levels of security," said Don Waugh, co-CEO and founder of Applied Recognition.

Cordova developers can get started with Ver-ID by visiting

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