June 30, 2015 14:00 ET

AppMesh Unlocks Peer-to-Peer Sales Collaboration With SalesMesh 3

Personal CRM Leader Launches LinkedIn-Meets-salesforce Sharing Capabilities Allowing Salespeople to Collaborate on CRM Data Across Their Professional Network

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 30, 2015) - AppMesh, a leading provider of personal CRM solutions, announced SalesMesh 3.0, the next major version of its mobile CRM platform designed specifically for salespeople. SalesMesh 3.0's powerful new sharing platform represents a paradigm change in collaboration for sales reps, allowing them to selectively share and synchronize business data with anyone in their professional network. The company also introduced new premium tiers to its offering as it continues on its unique mission to make business software more personal. Since the introduction of its premium salesforce integration last September, AppMesh has expanded its user base to include users from enterprise corporations like TriNet, SolarCity, ADT, and Behr.

SalesMesh automates the capture and organization of personal interactions like emails, calls, notes, contacts and calendar events, already saving thousands of reps time, shortening sales cycles, and increasing their ability to win deals. The platform works completely offline and synchronizes data between mobile devices ensuring efficiency and enhanced productivity. Reps whose companies use CRM can also selectively synchronize their personal interactions to and from salesforce with the tap of a button, eliminating hours of manual logging.

New with SalesMesh 3.0, sales reps can now also share individual customer or company contacts, deals, and related notes or interactions with anyone, regardless of where the person works or whether they use a CRM system or not. The ability to directly share sales data with trusted parties is something reps must do to effectively source, nurture, and close deals, but enterprise CRM systems restrict sharing to users with a paid license. Reps wishing to collaborate with colleagues in other departments or outside the company must resort to email or file sharing tools not built for this purpose, making the exchange cumbersome and error-prone. SalesMesh's first of its kind collaboration features allow reps to work naturally by sharing only the data that matters to the trusted parties with a user experience streamlined to prioritize what's most important.

"Enterprise software is great for the enterprise but down at the user level it's still largely rejected because it doesn't support or help reps' actual day-to-day workflow. It's time to balance things out and have apps work well at the personal level too: collaborating naturally across hierarchy and company boundaries, and giving people more control over data visibility," said Leo Tenenblat, CEO and co-founder of AppMesh. TriNet business consultant Peter Kim, a SalesMesh customer, agrees: "As we begin to work with brokers we can collaborate on deals we are working on together and know in real-time where things stand. This will really help streamline our process."

In addition, SalesMesh's collaboration features serve as a work space where reps can mature deals before they're ready to commit them into the enterprise CRM. "Reps are naturally conservative because the higher the forecast they put out there, the more pressure the company puts on them," said veteran sales leader, John Carpenter. "Lack of good record keeping is often the biggest problem. When I work with my team weekly to review their pipeline, there's always more to the story. I ask questions and dig for details that are mostly in their heads to make better decisions about what's real and what's not. Having a space where they can store those details and we can collaborate until we feel confident that the deal is real helps make the process smoother and more accurate."

Modern day enterprise CRM systems changed the market dramatically when they were introduced. The software as a service (SaaS) model made CRM software cheaper to buy and easier to deploy. But ultimately, the SaaS model resulted in CRM systems that served the needs of software buyers -- not its users. Since then, cloud apps have become the system of record for the enterprise but mobile apps are the system of engagement for employees. Workers are in ever greater numbers bringing their own mobile devices to the workplace -- devices they keep next to them at all times and that blur the line between their professional and private lives. They are exerting their right to choose which apps they install and use on these ever more personal devices, as well as what data to share with whom.

SalesMesh is the ally of the modern mobile salesperson. The Personal CRM platform puts reps at the center of the experience, giving them complete control over their data, throughout their career. The SalesMesh platform started by letting reps determine what sales data got recorded, then it allowed them to decide when that data got shared to their company's CRM system, and now it allows them to also choose who else they share that data with outside of the CRM. SalesMesh 3.0 signals the rise of employee centric sales tools that empower them to collaborate naturally while still easily maintaining compliance with corporate processes.

In addition to existing features, new SalesMesh 3.0 capabilities include:

  • Collaboration and sharing between trusted parties. Reps can share contact, company, or deal information, optionally along with related data one time or in an ongoing synchronized fashion.
  • Ability to undo changes to a contact, deal or company
  • More granular settings to help you manage your account

SalesMesh is free for limited individual use. Professional subscriptions start at $7.99/month and Rainmaker with collaboration starts at $18.99/month. SalesMesh ( and SalesMesh for salesforce ( are available on iTunes.

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