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June 27, 2011 10:39 ET

Appointment of Director

27 June 2011

                                   GREAT WESTERN MINING CORPORATION PLC
                                          Appointment of Director
                           Christopher Hall appointed as Non-Executive Director
Great  Western  Mining Corporation plc ("GWM or the "Company"), the mineral exploration  company  which  is
prospecting for Gold, Silver, Copper, Uranium and other minerals over a 32sq km area in Nevada, is  pleased
to announce that Christopher Raymond John Hall has today been appointed as a Non-Executive Director.

Mr  Hall has worked for over thirty five years in the mining and mining finance and consultancy industries.
Mr  Hall  is  a  Chartered Engineer and has a degree in Geology and subsequent MSc in  Mining  Geology  and
Mineral Exploration.  He is currently a Non-Executive Chairman of Stratex International PLC, the AIM-quoted
exploration and development company.

He  is  currently a consultant to Grant Thornton LLP (UK), where he vets new resources clients and performs
the  initial  and  continuing technical oversight of AIM listed resource clients.   He  also  works  as  an
independent mining finance consultant.

Previous  appointments  have also included posts as a Mine Geologist for Mt Lyell Mining  and  Railway  Co,
Mining  Investment  Analyst  for  L  Messel  and Co, Assistant Manager  of  Mining  Operations  at  Charter
Consolidated plc and President of Behre Dolbear International's London office.

Emmett O'Connell, Chairman of Great Western Mining said:

"In joining GWM, Christopher recognises the potential of the Company and he will work closely with the rest
of  the Board to help it drive towards its objectives.  We believe that we are poised to capitalise on  our
prospective  targets  and  at  this important time for the Company, it  is  essential  we  have  people  of
Christopher's quality to contribute to our collective efforts.  We believe that GWM is ready for an  uplift
in its profile and look forward to announcing updates in due course."

In accordance with the PLUS Rules for Issuers, the Company discloses the following details in respect of Mr

----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------
Current directorships                                Former directorships in the last five years
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Stratex International PLC                            Western United Mines Limited

Ilminster Forum Limited

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Mr  Hall  was appointed as a director of It's The Way Limited on 18 April 2005 and resigned on 15  February
2006. On 30 June 2006 a liquidator was appointed by It's The Way Limited's creditors for the purposes of  a
voluntary winding up.  It's The Way Limited was dissolved on 9 August 2007.

No  further  information  is  required pursuant to Rule 71 of Part 2 of the  PLUS  Rules  for  Issuers  and
paragraph 18 of Appendix 1 of the PLUS Rules for Issuers.


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