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December 09, 2010 12:34 ET

Appointment of Director

9 December 2010

                                            TRAFALGAR NEW HOMES PLC
                                        (the "Company" or "Trafalgar")

                                            Appointment of Director

The  Company announces that Andrew Moore was appointed to the Board of the Company as a Non-Executive Director,
on 7 December 2010.  Mr Moore has been appointed after the approval of the Company Voluntary Arrangement at the
General  Meeting on 30 November 2010, specifically to assist with the implementation of the resolutions  passed
at that meeting and any subsequent issues.

Andrew  Moore  has an extensive background in the SME sector, in particular in the restructuring of  companies.
He  originally  trained  with the Ford Motor Company at the Ford Marketing Institute.   Mr  Moore  has  been  a
director  of several companies that have been quoted on AIM, and is currently a Non-Executive Director  of  The
Weather  Lottery plc, which is currently quoted on AIM.  Mr Moore was previously a director of Trafalgar  until
his resignation on 31 March 2010.

In  accordance  with the PLUS Rules for Issuers, the Company discloses the following details in respect  of  Mr

Current directorships / partnerships                 Former directorships in the last five years
Central Corporate Finance LLP                        Pentoc Limited
Empirical Insolvency LLP                             United Kingdom Independence Party Limited
The Weather Lottery PLC
                                                     Pavilion Insurance Network Limited       
Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur Limited
                                                     Traction Technology PLC              
Security International Holdings Limited              
                                                     Emerging UK Investments PLC
Central Corporate Recovery Limited
                                                     Trafalgar New Homes PLC
Westworld Consultants Limited                        
                                                     Central Group Limited
Franchise Objectives Limited


Andrew Moore was appointed a director of International Sportsmans Club PLC (an unlisted public company)  on  26
January  1998  and resigned on 4 February 1999. On 6 January 2000 International Sportsmans Club PLC  went  into
compulsory liquidation and was dissolved on 12 March 2003 with a total deficit of approximately £3,000.

Andrew Moore was appointed as a director of Retreads International Limited on 17 February 1997 and resigned  on
10 July 1998.  Retreads International Limited was placed in administrative receivership on 10 October 1997 with
a total deficit of £449,000.

Spotlight Advertising Limited appointed Andrew Moore as a director on 16 May 1997.  Andrew Moore resigned on 30
June  1998  and  the  company  went into compulsory liquidation on 8 October  1998  with  a  total  deficit  of
approximately £787,000.

Andrew Moore was appointed on 18 July 2000 as a director of Millhouse Media Company Limited, a subsidiary of 10
Group  PLC. He resigned as a director on 7 November 2000. The company was placed in administrative receivership
on 30 March 2001 with a deficit of approximately £971,000 (of which £304,000 was owed to 10 Group plc).

Netrest Limited appointed Andrew Moore on 14 July 2000 as a director.  Andrew Moore resigned as a director on 5
September  2000  and  the company went into compulsory liquidation on 5 March 2001. At the  time  that  Netrest
Limited went into liquidation it was a non-trading associate company of Millhouse Media Company Limited.

Andrew Moore was appointed as Non Executive Director to Forknall Limited on 21st Sept 2005 and resigned on 17th
September 2006 Forknall Limited went into liquidation on the 25th Oct 2006.

Andrew  Moore was appointed as Director to Trafalgar New Homes plc on the 26th April 2007 and resigned on  31st
March  2010 Trafalgar went into administration on the 26th August 2010 he was then re-appointed as Director  on
7th December 2010.

No further information is required pursuant to Rule 71 of Part 2 of the PLUS Rules for Issuers and paragraph 18
of Appendix 1 of the PLUS Rules for Issuers.



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