St Helens Finance plc

December 19, 2008 05:25 ET

Appointment of New Director

                                                                                            19 December 2008
                                           St Helen's Finance Plc
                                   ("St Helen's Finance" or "the Company")
                                         APPOINTMENT OF NEW DIRECTOR

The  Board  of  St  Helen's Finance, the PLUS quoted independent provider of asset  finance  facilities,  is
pleased  to  announce  the  appointment of Mr. Braden Harris to the Board as a Non-Executive  Director  with
immediate effect.

Braden  has  21 years of experience working in the leasing and asset finance industry. He is a  Director  of
Cleaves, who are active in arranging investment and leasing projects in the maritime sector, as well as  the
sale  &  purchase of commercial cargo vessels on behalf its clients. He has held positions  with  Babcock  &
Brown,  Jet  Finance  in  France, ANZ Investment Bank in London and Singapore and Allco  Finance,  where  he
established a ship owning and leasing venture.

Braden  brings  to  St  Helens  his experience in arranging and structuring leasing  transactions,  cashflow
modelling and raising debt and equity for financing various asset classes.

Mr.  Harris  is  currently  a  Director at four other companies; 41 Lancaster  Grove  Limited;  Jupiterpoint
Limited; Bralie Properties Limited and Cleaves Shipbroking Limited. During the past five years Mr Harris has
also held Directorships for 94 other companies (a list is available at the end of this announcement).

Braden  Harris  directly  or  indirectly currently holds 1,000,000 ordinary shares  in  St  Helen's  Finance
representing 5.3% of the issued share capital of the Company.

Following  this  appointment the Directors' total shareholding has increased from  3,432,803  to  4,432,803,
which  represents 23.6% of the issued share capital of the Company. There are 18,795,565 Ordinary Shares  in

                  The Directors of the issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.



ST HELEN'S FINANCE PLC                           Tel: 020 7628 4004
Norman Kenvyn, Managing Director
Rick Abbott, Chairman

Monisha Varadan                         Leo Godsall              

BISHOPSGATE COMMUNICATIONS LTD           Tel 020 7562 3394
Gemma O'Hara          

Mr. Braden Harris has held the following directorships during the past five years:

PRESENT                                                PREVIOUS
41 Lancaster Grove Limited                            Sycamore Shipping Limited
Jupiterpoint Limited                                  Allco Finance (UK) Limited
Bralie Properties Limited                             Allco Finance Limited
Cleaves Shipbroking Limited                           Allco Management (Europe) Limited
                                                      Kota Hakim Limited
                                                      Kota Halus Limited
                                                      Kota Hapas Limited
                                                      Kota Harum Limited
                                                      Saltire Shipping (UK) Limited
                                                      Scotia Shipping Limited
                                                      Allco Transportation Limited
                                                      Pioneer Offshore Limited
                                                      Progress Offshore Limited
                                                      Betty Shipping Limited
                                                      Carolita Shipping Limited
                                                      Clipper Shipping Limited
                                                      Cosbright Shipping Limited
                                                      Cosforce Shipping Limited
                                                      Coswin Shipping Limited
                                                      Cutter Shipping Limited
                                                      Laycable Shipping Limited
                                                      Laypipe Shipping Limited
                                                      Allco Lease Factors Limited
                                                      Cosever Shipping Limited
                                                      Cosfair Shipping Limited
                                                      Cosluck Shipping Limited
                                                      Costar Shipping Limited
                                                      Antlia Shipping Limited
                                                      Aquarius Shipping (UK) Limited
                                                      Chemical Tanker Shipping Limted
                                                      Aquila Shipping (UK) Limited
                                                      Aries Shipping Limited
                                                      Allocean Maritime Limited
                                                      Buchan Maritime Limited
                                                      Foula Maritime Limited
                                                      Rona Maritime Limited
                                                      Athena Maritime Limited
                                                      Acrux Maritime Limited
                                                      Adara Maritime Limited
                                                      Allco Finance Group (Europe) Limited
                                                      Antares Maritime Limited
                                                      Kota Gembira Limited
                                                      Kota Gunawan Limited
                                                      Puget Limited
                                                      Eiffel Limited
                                                      Allocean Maritime Limited
                                                      Alkaid Maritime Limited
                                                      Alnath Maritime Limited
                                                      Altair Maritime Limited
                                                      Allocean Holdings Limited
                                                      Allocean Limited
                                                      Allocean Charters Limited
                                                      Mars Maritime Limited
                                                      Saturn Maritime Limited
                                                      Allocean Maritime Bulk (No. 1) Limited
                                                      Allskys Limited
                                                      Taproom Limited
                                                      Fatmarini Maritime Limited
                                                      Frabandari Maritime Limited
                                                      Harsanadi Maritime Limited
                                                      Hartati Maritime Limited
                                                      Nolowati Maritime Limited
                                                      Allocean Maritime Container (no. 3) Ltd
                                                      Nogogini Maritime Limited
                                                      Ocean Clementine Limited
                                                      Ocean Gwendolen Limited
                                                      Ratih Maritime Limited
                                                      Alloceanborg Maritime Limited
                                                      Durban Maritime Limited
                                                      Allocean Maritime (Fleet No. 1) Limited
                                                      Advanced Deep Sea Installer Limited
                                                      Allocean Maritime Holdings Limited
                                                      Allocean Charters 2 Limited
                                                      KHW Limited
                                                      Kota Jasa Limited
                                                      Kota Juta Limited
                                                      Millennium Harbour Limited
                                                      Savannah Shipping Limited
                                                      Martita Shipping Limited
                                                      Donmoor Limited
                                                      Polarmoon Developments Limited
                                                      Apogean Moon Limited
                                                      Perigean Moon Limited
                                                      Allocean Maritime Container (No. 1) Limited
                                                      Balticborg Limited
                                                      Bothniaborg Limited
                                                      Ocean Caracas Limited
                                                      Ocean Container (No. 1) Limited
                                                      Ocean Container (No. 2) Limited
                                                      Moon Bird Limited
                                                      Niven's Moon Limited
                                                      Durban Maritime (No. 3) Limited
                                                      Durban Maritime (No. 4) Limited
                                                      Skelter Limited


St Helen's Finance is an independent provider of asset finance facilities. Based in the heart of the City of
London, its primary focus is the provision of facilities to the small and medium company sector, providing a
range of innovative, predominantly asset backed financing.

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