May 21, 2013 09:00 ET

AppointmentRemindMe Helps Reduce Missed Appointments and Lost Revenue

Missed appointments and clients who fail to notify a business of a cancellation can result in lost revenue for any kind of business. AppointmentRemindMe has developed a system whereby customers are notified of their appointments, reducing the number of no-shows, cancellations, and lost revenue. With three ways of contacting their clients, business owners will see huge benefits to using this system.

DALLAS, TEXAS--(Marketwired - May 21, 2013) - No-shows are always frustrating, no matter what kind of business experiences them. Not only do they prevent a business from helping other clients, they can also result in lost revenue. With AppointmentRemindMe, an automated appointment reminder service, forgotten and missed appointments are a thing of the past.

Matthew Reese, spokesperson of, explains that a reminder service is a business necessity. "As with any other type of business, if you do not make contact with your customers on a regular basis, they may just forget all about you. In fact, if they do not show up for an appointment at your office, it may just mean they have decided to see a competitor instead." Automated messages can be used to either remind clients of scheduled appointments or inform them of upcoming discounts and sales, persuading them to be both loyal and returning customers.

Not only do regular automated messages keep clients up-to-date, but they will also help all businesses avoid losing revenue. A missed or cancelled appointment, depending on the kind of business, can mean $70 or more in lost revenue. A polite reminder, costing a business roughly $0.25, can help a business continue to grow and strengthen financially. includes a return on investment (ROI) calculator, allowing business owners to fully see how missed appointments are harming their growth. The calculator allows businessmen to enter how many appointments they schedule each month, the no-show percentage rate, and the average loss per appointment. Considering the 90 percent success rate of AppointmentRemindMe, the calculator can find out how much a business is losing each month and each year. Reese explains, "Even with conservative estimates, AppointmentRemindMe usually brings a substantial return on investment."

AppointmentRemindMe offers four competitive plans, each of which will contribute to a business' success. The starter package costs just $19 per month and allows 100 outbound appointment reminders. The standard package costs $49 per month and allows 300 outbound messages. The small business package is their most popular package; for just $89 per month, 600 outbound messages can be sent.

AppointmentRemindMe prides itself on great customer service, which is why a free demo can be tried before a plan is purchased. In addition to this, no business is ever stuck in a contract. It is possible to cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any point.


The team at understands that numerous missed appointments and no-shows can have detrimental effects on how successful a business is. offers businesses a simple solution: an automated reminder is sent to clients by text, phone call or email. This team is dedicated to helping all businesses succeed, and to providing a fantastic standard of customer service. For more information or to register for this service, visit

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