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February 13, 2013 09:00 ET

Apprion Announces New Versions of ION Location and ION Access Control to Address Critical Industrial Personnel Safety Initiatives

Latest Version, R2, of ION Location Application, ION Access Control Application, and IONite™ Tags Provide Innovative Functionality for Unparalleled Safety and Compliance in Industrial Environments

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 13, 2013) - Apprion, the leader in industrial wireless application networks, today announced the release of R2 for ION Location Application, ION Access Control Application, IONite™ Personnel Tag and IONite™ Asset Tag. ION Location tracks and monitors employees, contractors and tagged assets via a map-based graphical dashboard that can be integrated with satellite images of the facility. ION Access Control wirelessly monitors access to specific plant areas and keeps physical track of personnel and contractor staff as they move around industrial facilities. Both ION Location and ION Access Control use the innovative IONite Tags to keep real-time records of exactly who is in the facility, what areas they have entered or exited and precisely where they are at all times.

This latest version of the ION Applications and IONite Tags includes new features, functionality and form factors such as:

  • ION Location: Location Tracking via Mobile Devices, Live Tracking and History views, New reports (OSHA, Zone Entry/Exit, Missing Assets/Personnel, Battery Level, and more), Rule/Condition/Zone Grouping
  • ION Access Control: Zone Entry/Exit alerts, Work Permit Authorization and Management, Live Track of Location Changes (Entering and Exiting of defined Zones)
  • IONite Tags: New smaller form factor for the IONite Personnel Tag makes it easier to equip all personnel and contractors with the small, battery operated Wi-Fi Tag.

"With recent safety incidents making headlines in the Process Industries, the need to have a quick and accurate safety solution that allows you to account for all people on a facility in an emergency situation is being discussed more and more," said Jason Glende, Apprion VP of Sales. "Our customers have expressed their elevated concerns for personnel safety and that they must follow stricter compliance mandates. We are working closely with them to continually improve our solutions like ION Location and ION Access Control to address these safety concerns and enable managers to respond quickly and effectively to a safety incident and improve total accountability goals in less than half the conventional response time. Before an industrial wireless infrastructure, it simply was not cost effective to deploy such a solution in a process facility."

Until now, most products for real-time location tacking have met limited success because multiple tagging technologies are required, the physical environment is so challenging, and network infrastructure is very sparse in industrial facilities. ION Location supports leading real-time locating technology systems including Wi-Fi, passive or active RFID, UWB, and satellite in a single, comprehensive network. ION Location provides one unified view for simplicity, organization and visibility into all the information, activities and details of a facility's personnel and assets. This unified view gives your workforce one record with many views for better accountability, more reliable and accurate information and less complexity. A part of the ION Location Application family, ION Access Control uses a unique user ID stored on the IONite Personnel Tag to track all personnel entering and exiting sensitive areas, vehicle gates or main entry and exit points for increased security.

Unlike any other RTLS or location-based system on the market, the ION Location and Access Control Applications and IONite Tags are designed from the ground up to address the specific needs of industrial facilities. ION Location provides a simple, automated way to ensure that critical enterprise assets and people are at the right place, at the right time.

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