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December 12, 2011 09:00 ET

Apptio Highlights Key Insights From 10th CIO Technology Business Management Council

210 CIOs and IT Leaders From the Fortune 1000 Companies Gather to Share Best Practices on IT Financial Transparency, Cloud Strategies, and IT Services Transformation

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Dec 12, 2011) - Apptio, the leading provider of on-demand Technology Business Management (TBM) solutions, today announced key insights from its 10th CIO Technology Business Management Council meeting, which featured case study presentations from Apptio customers including Cisco, First American, Hilton Worldwide and Microsoft. The three-hour Council was broadcast live from eleven Cisco TelePresence locations on two continents and was attended by more than 210 CIOs and IT leaders from some of the world's most recognized global enterprises.

"The CIO TBM Council represents a dynamic peer-based forum for CIOs who are intent on driving transformational change in their organization, enabling them to share their experiences and learn directly from one another," said Larry Godec, CIO for First American. "Technology Business Management is more than just a discrete set of technologies -- it's also a methodology that continues to evolve as CIOs put this discipline into practice. These Council meetings provide an important venue for CIOs across the business spectrum to showcase how they are applying the principles of TBM to create positive and disruptive change in their IT organization."

Some of the key insights revealed during the 10th Technology Business Management Council include:

  • Establish a Standardized IT Services Taxonomy: Regardless of maturity level, many of the presenters and Council members emphasized the importance of establishing a standardized taxonomy to clearly define a services portfolio. While this can be a time-consuming effort, all of the speakers agreed that this exercise was foundational to their overarching TBM initiatives and an important first step towards embracing a services transformation and funding strategic "Change the Business" initiatives. Prior to this meeting, a white paper titled "Operationalizing Technology Business Management: Cisco's Playbook for IT Services Transformation," authored by Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby, was distributed to all participants. The paper provides a six-step playbook for defining and driving an IT services transformation and defines the tactics Cisco implemented to operationalize their TBM efforts. The CIO TBM Council, in conjunction with Cisco and other members, plans to release a generalized Services Taxonomy at its 11th Council meeting, which is scheduled to convene on June 7, 2012.

  • The Cloud is Forcing CIOs to Embrace IT-as-a-Service: The cloud has fundamentally changed the way business users think about procuring IT services. Consequently, the CIO must adapt to this new reality and re-think the paradigm of how their IT services portfolio should be delivered. As one speaker noted, "The business doesn't care about IT -- what they care about is getting capabilities faster, which they can consume easier." These CIOs likewise recognize that for IT to remain relevant to the business, they must be able to deliver comparable IT services at competitive market rates.

  • Financial Transparency is the New "Lingua Franca": Many of the presenters indicated that financial transparency was not just the platform of their TBM efforts but also works as the "lingua franca" that serves as a functional bridge between IT and the business. One presenter noted that "financial transparency is the new currency between IT and the business" and that all IT agility initiatives must start with financial transparency. "Until you can show the business what the cost/value trade-offs are of a given investment, you can't truly call yourself agile." Another paper titled, "IT-as-a-Service: Guiding Principles For Achieving Financial Transparency," authored by a Fortune 500 IT Services and Storage provider, was also distributed to Council participants and outlines an eight-step process for enabling financial transparency by leveraging simple, fair, and accurate chargeback and showback methodologies. To request a complimentary copy of this paper, register for the CIO TBM Council at the Apptio Community.

  • IT Vendor Management Gets Strategic: As IT environments grow increasingly 'hybridized,' the strategic management of IT vendors is becoming a key functional requirement for CIOs whose budgets continue to shrink. This is driving CIOs to adopt new methodologies that will enable them to objectively evaluate and measure vendors as they become more strategic to delivering capabilities to the business. Robert Webb, CIO of Hilton Worldwide, discussed how budget constraints and other market factors forced Hilton to transition from an IT department of 1,750 FTEs to 500 in just two years. Key to this initiative was the selection of a handful of strategic suppliers to help deliver these services. According to Webb, "It was very important that as we underwent this transformation that we had the ability to not only publish the services -- and the price signals associated with those services -- but also to be able to publish the costs and track that our contracted vendors are actually delivering the value that we require."

"The TBM Council represents the collective voice of some of the world's most innovative CIOs who together are redefining the traditional IT service delivery model in the context of a modern, 'Just In Time' supply chain framework," said Sunny Gupta, co-founder, president and CEO of Apptio. "The overwhelming response to our 10th Council meeting demonstrates that these issues are top of mind for CIOs as they set their transformation agendas for the next few years. We are excited to further engage this community to surface and share applied best practices that are driving the broad adoption of TBM."

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