Association of Quebec Landlords

Association of Quebec Landlords

September 05, 2014 11:43 ET

APQ - The dirtiest-accommodation Photo Contest: And the winner is ...

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Sept. 5, 2014) - The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) is proud to announce that the big winner of the moving-day Photo Contest in Quebec: How does your dwelling look like after the departure of the tenant? is Mr. Pascal Théorêt.

Mr. Théorêt had the misfortune to find his accommodation in a filthy condition, full with graffiti on the walls. The APQ hopes that this competition will have helped to make both our tenants and elected representatives aware of the importance of a security deposit.

Unfortunately in Quebec, more than two thirds of the housing are found to be in a dirty condition, with more than a good cleaning to do.

"Trusting a tenant who comes to us is not enough, verification of the payment history of the tenants is not enough, it is now a complete picture that is needed before signing a lease, employment, the landlord, the Régie du logement, the courts, ..." says Martin Messier, president of the APQ.

Some tenants need to be made ΓÇïΓÇïaware. And even if a security deposit would affect all tenants, its entry into force would be beneficial to all of them.

"Finding an apartment in a pitiful state on July 1 at 8 a.m. and see the moving van of the new tenant station in the parking lot. Obviously, it is impossible for the tenant to move in without the owner's intervention. Landlords must accommodate everyone, perform emergency work, pay for the damage ..."

"The absence of a security deposit also shows a lack of consistency between the obligations contained in the Civil Code and the measures that are made available to the owner," adds the APQ.

The owner can obviously submit a request to the Régie du logement. Unfortunately, the cost and the time involved as well as the solvency of the tenant make this procedure ineffective in many cases.

In conclusion, the Association of Quebec Landlords has been claiming the adoption of a security deposit for many years. This photo contest is but a slight hint but it reveals a serious problem, recurrent, and for which no action is taken.

Join the movement, sign our petitions on our website and participate in large numbers at our events because Enough is Enough! And that's it!"

Founded in 1984, the Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) is the largest association providing services to owners of rental housing in all regions of Quebec. It also provides an evaluation service on tenants which is unique in Quebec.

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