Quebec Landlords Association

Quebec Landlords Association

November 12, 2013 16:15 ET

APQ: The RCLALQ has Gone Wrong, the Title Should Be "The Control in the Rent has a Significant Impact on the Rental Market"

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Nov. 12, 2013) - The Quebec Landlords Association (APQ) disagrees with the Coalition of housing committees and tenants associations of Quebec (RCLALQ) : Rents are the lowest in the country and growth rates do not reflect increases in the cost of repairs, heating, ...

"Where the RCLALQ is correct is in the method of setting rents which is outdated and does not reflect the reality of the private rental market. We need to increase the rate to be adjusted and that the rent control, instead, be amended or even deleted." According to Martin Messier, president of the APQ .

"How can the RCLALQ complain in the increases, when an owner will have it's major renovations, his investments recouped at least 32 years later under the control of the Rental Board!" added Mr. Messier

The APQ also recalls the current method used by the Rental Board, the tenant may discuss the increasing of the rent with the landlord .

If the tenant believes that the proposed increase is excessive, he can communicate with the owner and discuss it. If no agreement is found, he has the right to refuse it and stay in his dwelling. The owner can then open a file at the Régie du logement and they will calculate the increase with the criteria and supported receipts of owner .

The RCLALQ says "inexpensive solutions exist" but does not specify the amount : compare with an existing registry, firearms . It was estimated at $ 2 million Canadian dollars initially, and it accounts for about one billion dollars in 2006, 500 times the original amount. This amount is more than seven million registered guns (approximately $ 285.72 per weapon) . There are more than 1.3 million rental units, not counting the large number of tenants who move annually. If the government has so much money to spend the APQ recommends that these funds translate into personal assistance aid or financial assistance to tenants.

"The RCLALQ isn't talking about thousands of dollars in financial losses each year due to housings left in very bad conditions and even vandalized, over 30 % are to be renovated." by Martin Messier .

In conclusion, the province of Quebec has the lowest rents. Here, according to the CMHC and rental report spring 2013 is the average rent for a two bedroom :

Quebec $691
Ontario $1,046
Alberta $1,117
British Columbia $1,069

Founded in 1984, the Québec Landlords Association (APQ) is the largest association of its type serving residential property landlords throughout all regions of Québec.

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