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July 10, 2006 08:00 ET

Aprio's Halo-Quest Yields Highly Accurate Silicon Image Data

Aprio Unveils Unified DFM Strategy

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 10, 2006 -- As part of its unified design-for-manufacturability (DFM) strategy, Aprio Technologies Inc. announced Halo™-Quest, a new application that generates a highly accurate silicon image representation of an integrated circuit design for use within existing design creation tools and flows. Halo-Quest is designed to be interfaced to current and future EDA design creation and analysis tools. By utilizing an accurate physical representation of the design as printed in silicon, this approach facilitates improvements in yield, predictability and performance using existing design tools.

The silicon image representation produced by Halo-Quest, referred to by Aprio™ as the DFM View™, is composed of a collection of manufacturing-centric variants of the physical integrated circuit design, including the original layout, a version of the layout as printed in silicon, and a series of error vectors that identify potential lithographic errors, or "hot spots."

Through a series of announcements, Aprio is also unveiling its roadmap for the delivery of a comprehensive DFM solution, spanning both manufacturing and design applications. Aprio's approach targets the inadequate communication existing today between integrated circuit design and manufacturing teams. By partnering with key suppliers in the design-to-manufacturing chain, Aprio plans to enable improvements in chip predictability, performance and yield with minimal impact to current design and manufacturing work flows.

Initial products utilizing Halo-Quest to enhance yield, predictability and performance are expected in the fourth quarter of calendar year 2006.

As part of this series of announcements, Aprio has already interfaced Halo-Quest to several EDA applications, and some of that work was also disclosed today. (See related press announcements dated July 10, 2006: "Aprio and Silicon Canvas Present DFM-Aware Layout Product" and "Aprio and Pyxis Technology Collaborate on Lithography-aware DFM Router.")

"The EDA customer base doesn't need a complete new set of tools to address the challenges of nanometer design, they simply need the existing flow to work better through the use of more accurate data," said Mike Gianfagna, president and chief executive officer of Aprio Technologies. "Halo-Quest is based on Aprio's Halo suite -- a solid foundation of robust and accurate manufacturing tools for the application and modification of resolution enhancement. This foundation allows the DFM View created by Halo-Quest to be the most accurate representation possible of the design as printed in silicon. The GDSII layout view will no longer be the golden reference for tapeout. It will be replaced by the DFM View."

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