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December 01, 2014 11:00 ET

APS Launches a Free Accredited Course: "Ebola Preparedness Assessment and Training"

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - December 01, 2014) - Advanced Practice Strategies (APS) today launched a course that allows healthcare workers and hospitals to identify how well prepared they are for diagnosing and triaging Ebola-type symptoms. It builds on APS's successful assessment-driven individualized learning platform, GNOSIS™. As a public service, APS has decided to offer it to individual clinicians for free. Health systems will be able to purchase an enterprise version that will allow visibility of preparedness across their facilities and clinicians, and to clearly identify highest risk areas.

"Ebola Preparedness Assessment and Training" is based on a unique two-part approach. First, it begins with an assessment that measures how prepared an individual healthcare worker is for Ebola. Individual clinicians will be able to see their scores and how they compare to national benchmarks. Data from the evaluation can be used by health systems to determine where to reduce their risk. Second, it offers a learning path to allow the clinician to focus on their gaps in knowledge and the application of that knowledge in case scenarios.

"Every health system has Ebola training, however we are hearing that health systems need to be certain that the training has been effective," said Dr. Russ Richmond, CEO of APS. "The Ebola Preparedness Assessment should allow healthcare workers and health systems to know whether they are prepared, and the learning path should drive immediate improvements in areas where there is weakness."

"We took the time to carefully build this content so that it is both accredited and updated based on the latest guidelines from CDC. Physicians and nurses who have taken this course immediately recognize its value at the individual and system-wide level," added Bill Binder, MD, APS's Medical Director of Emergency Medicine.

If you are interested in using this course, or recommending it to your friends, colleagues, or health system, click or paste the link below.
Registration code: EBOLA

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