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June 25, 2014 10:00 ET

APS Launches Emergency Medicine, Further Building on GNOSIS Platform

GNOSIS for EM Targets High-Risk Events in Emergency Departments

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - June 25, 2014) - Advanced Practice Strategies (APS), a company committed to helping medical professionals take their craft to higher levels of mastery, announced this week the release of a new product in Emergency Medicine. This product is the second to be launched on the GNOSIS platform. Over the last 18 months, the first product, GNOSIS for OB (Obstetrics), has quickly become the preeminent training program for perinatal physicians and nurses and is already used by over a hundred major health systems in the US. 

This new product, GNOSIS for EM (Emergency Medicine), targets the highest risk events in Emergency Departments (EDs). ED clinicians encounter a wide array of issues on a daily basis, and APS takes a unique approach by identifying the areas of greatest frequency and severity and building deep, clinically high-resolution training around them. "It is logical for the GNOSIS platform to extend to the ED," says Russ Richmond MD, CEO of APS. "After Obstetrics, the ED is the area in the hospital with the most safety risk."

Patient safety risks in EDs derive largely from difficult diagnosis in the chest, abdomen, and pelvic anatomic areas, and APS has deep experience measuring and improving clinician knowledge and judgment in difficult diagnostic situations. Since poor communications in the ED are also frequently cited as drivers of risk, APS will also measure and train best practices in avoiding biases and ensuring accurate hand-offs. "Adverse events in diagnosis and communications can result in patient injury and death and cost over a billion dollars in the US every year in litigation, so every ED in the country can show an unambiguously positive ROI for this type of training, in addition to being just the right thing to do," says Richmond. 

"Leading organizations are already signing up for the new product," says Richmond. "We expect GNOSIS for EM to rapidly become widely adopted in the most prestigious health systems, just like GNOSIS for OB. Given the massive patient volumes in the ED, it is going to be really exciting to see the impact that this type of improved safety assurance can bring." Like all GNOSIS products, the 3 courses each include an upfront assessment of both knowledge and "application of knowledge" questions. Based on a given clinician's performance on the assessment, an individualized learning plan is created that highlights and prescribes the content areas that are most relevant.

About Advanced Practice Strategies:
Advanced Practice Strategies (APS) is an education platform company for doctors and nurses. We were founded 20 years ago by a team of medical illustrators. Today APS is a national leader in optimizing healthcare outcomes by measuring and improving clinical decision-making.

Our platform, GNOSIS, engages physicians, nurses, and other clinicians through a first-of-its-kind critical thinking assessment that measures clinical knowledge, application of knowledge, and judgment. GNOSIS then deploys an individualized Learning Path that delivers prioritized content, targeting each clinician's specific needs. GNOSIS also provides an actionable dashboard that gives nurse managers and administrators insight across multiple levels of care.

Our proprietary database of individual assessments (currently 15,000+ physicians and nurses) provides a unique transparent picture of clinical risk and specific opportunities for outcomes improvement.

APS helps physicians, nurses, and other clinical staff to practice at the highest levels of their craft. By doing this, APS has become a proven partner to over 500 hospitals, supporting the delivery of superior outcomes and improved patient care.

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