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June 19, 2012 09:00 ET

Apsalar Introduces Free Mobile Marketing ROI Tool

Campaign Source Insights Measures Overall ROI on Acquisition and Marketing Campaigns

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 19, 2012) - Apsalar (, the leading provider of Mobile Engagement Management solutions, announces the availability of Campaign Source Insights, a breakthrough in mobile app marketing and campaign optimization. This solution is the only one in the market that is both free and that tracks actual revenue from users generated from each traffic source. Now marketers can evaluate their user acquisition, offer and advertising campaigns by the revenue generated from any and all traffic sources, including ad networks and exchanges, incentivized download networks, email campaigns and more. Regardless of the traffic source type, if a marketer tags it with an Apsalar redirect link, the marketer can track the campaign and its performance in one, centralized dashboard.

"Campaign Source Insights is a game changer for the mobile app industry," says Chris Dury, CEO of GetJar. "We've seen strong demand from our advertising customers for this, and we're delighted to be able to deliver it by offering Apsalar's solution. Every serious app marketer needs to be using this so that they know they're not wasting their marketing spend."

Currently, campaign sources that integrate with Apsalar via an API can be tracked, but a universal tracking mechanism will be available in the next release. Once available, this not only simplifies integration, as marketers will only need to tag each of their campaign sources with Apsalar's redirect URL, but this powerful feature will also allow the marketer to track any campaign type (advertising, email, offers, and more).

As the costs to acquire mobile users continue to rise, it's critical that marketers allocate their resources strategically to acquire the users that matter most -- those who will engage with and monetize the app. Marketers need to know the actual value of app downloads they are paying for beyond the standard tracking of impressions, clicks and app installs. By quantifying the performance and value of campaign referrals, they can identify which campaigns resulted in the most users who are monetizing to understand the full ROI of their marketing spend. Marketers can then re-allocate and optimize campaign spend accordingly.

"Apsalar's Campaign Source Insights enable advertisers to track revenue generated by users that come in through each traffic stream and offer valuable life time value analysis. We believe this will help to measure the ROI generated from our campaigns, leading us to offer more precise optimizations for our customers," says Adam Soroca, Chief Product Officer & GM at Jumptap.

Campaign Source Insights provides an aggregated view of campaign performance in one central location, which minimizes time spent comparing reports via various logins and campaign interfaces. The service also attributes app installs to the proper acquisition source by reconciling conflicting conversions and then linking user monetization to the correct campaign source. The campaign sources are also automatically created as segments in Apsalar's ApScience™ analytics product for ongoing measurement of user lifetime value (LTV).

"We're delighted that Apsalar is offering Campaign Source Insights," says Jim Luo, Head of User Acquisition & Analytics at Playmesh, Inc. "We're working with our various acquisition supply partners to ensure adoption of this solution so that we can effectively measure the value of our mobile marketing campaigns."


  • Centralized campaign reporting dashboard across all acquisition sources, regardless of type
  • Accurate app install attribution
  • Revenue earned from an acquisition campaign
  • Automated campaign segment creation in ApScience to enable long-term tracking of user value
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Agnostic device ID alternatives to ensure no dependencies on UDID
  • Free to integrate and use

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Apsalar provides Mobile Engagement Management solutions for mobile apps. Mobile app marketers can acquire, analyze, and re-market to engaged users through audience targeting, behavioral retargeting, and best-in-class analytics in order to take control of the complete user lifecycle and increase customer LTV. Founded in 2010 and based in San Francisco, Apsalar is backed by leading venture investors, Thomvest Ventures, Battery Ventures, and DN Capital. Apsalar has won numerous awards, including eWeek's Top Ten Promising Mobile IT Startups in 2011.

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