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Creative Expansions, Inc.

April 23, 2009 16:16 ET

APT Program Probes Depths of Water Power

Turns to Untapped, Sustainable Source of Energy in Honor of Earth Month; "Innovate: Engineering Change" to Air in Major US Markets Beginning Spring 2009

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - April 23, 2009) - Emmy-winning executive producer Helene Lerner and Creative Expansions, Inc. present "Innovate: Engineering Change," a rollercoaster ride that follows the trials and tribulations of a Green Energy team helming a hydropower project in New York's East River. The program airs beginning spring and summer 2009, and is presented by KCTS-Seattle (check local listings).

Innovative approaches are critical to solving today's energy crisis. There's no single answer, and many teams are looking for creative solutions. The half-hour reality/documentary-style program takes viewers behind the scenes of one such effort, introducing a diverse group of scientists and engineers from Verdant Power, a "virtual" company staffed by people who live and work in various locations.

They have developed turbines that use the power of moving water to generate electricity. Termed "tidal power," the nascent technology harnesses the natural ebb and flow of water. If their pilot project in New York City's East River succeeds, this alternative source of energy has the likelihood of becoming a commercial venture. But the team members have had their work cut out for them: The river current has proven to be faster than originally anticipated, and the force of the water has broken a number of turbine blades, necessitating their redesign.

Viewers are on-site for the installation of a turbine with newly designed blades. As the large structure is carefully lowered into the water, politicians, investors and the media watch anxiously. A lot is at stake; tension mounts. Thrown by an unexpected failure, the team problem-solves into the night and devises a new plan. Says Vermont-based Dean Corren, director of marine current technology, "When things go wrong, you want to get input from different people... nobody has a monopoly on good ideas." Their hard work pays off when power is successfully generated, paving the way to a new source of sustainable energy.

Also appearing in the program are Rob Morrow, co-star of the hit TV series "NUMB3RS," and Association of American Colleges and Universities spokesperson Debra Humphreys, who weigh in on the importance of developing tomorrow's innovators.

"Innovate: Engineering Change" will be available for broadcast on public television stations nationwide beginning spring and summer 2009.

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