October 16, 2009 11:46 ET

APTA 2009 Innovation Award Recognized Vix ERG's New eO EFC System

CONCORD, CA--(Marketwire - October 16, 2009) - At its annual ceremony today in Orlando, Florida, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) presented the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) with its "Innovation Award" in recognition of its success with eO, a brand-new electronic fare collection system developed by Vix ERG.

In January 2009, UTA launched eO on more than 500 buses and 35 train platforms serving the greater Salt Lake City area. In developing eO (shorthand for "easy and open"), ERG has leveraged the latest advances in "contactless" card technology to enable riders to pay their fares not only with cards issued by the UTA, but also with student and employee ID cards and bank-issued credit cards.

Michael Cook, vice president of open payment systems at ERG, remarked, "eO can make any transit system easier for riders to use. They board simply by tapping their card to a validator on a bus or train platform, then tap again to exit. No one has to hold up the line while they search their pockets or purse for the fare. They don't even have to wonder how much the fare is."

Cook continued, "Another great benefit for riders is that eO is an open payment system, so riders don't need a special UTA card to pay their fares. All they have to do is register a participating card or cards that they already have in their wallet, and they're ready to ride."

Cost reduction is among the foremost benefits eO has provided UTA. Taking full advantage of secure 3G wireless communications, eO moves the traditional point-of-boarding and point-of-departure fare calculation services to the back office. This means that when fares, rules or policies change, programming work is needed only in the office and not at the thousands of devices in the field.

The "tap-on, tap-off" system also securely transmits a wealth of information about system traffic to the back office, allowing planners to better understand travel patterns, improve bus routing and increase service for routes with higher ridership. "This new electronic fare collection system will be an enormous advantage in planning and development in the years ahead," said UTA General Manager, John Inglish.

Michael Cook concluded, "eO is a success with the UTA and its riders. That's a clear indicator that contactless, open-payment systems are the direction in which EFC is heading."

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