SOURCE: Air Quality Sciences, Inc.

March 07, 2007 10:00 ET

AQS Consumer Room Offers Specialized Testing for Chemical Emissions and Allergen, Mold Removal

ATLANTA, GA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 7, 2007 -- When evaluating a product's effectiveness for improving the quality of indoor environments, there's nothing like real-world data. Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (AQS), a pioneer in environmental chamber testing, has developed a specialized Consumer Room for evaluating the indoor air quality performance of typical consumer products, such as cleaning chemicals, floor cleaning systems, air cleaners, air fresheners and personal care items.

This specialized technology is based on environmental chamber testing. The room-size test facility can be customized to approximate any room in a home, such as a kitchen, bath, living room/den, home office or bedroom with appropriate fixtures. Testing protocols permit real-time measurements of airborne chemicals, ozone, biological allergens (mold and animal allergens) and dust.

The room is designed to introduce airborne levels of contaminants so that a consumer product's efficacy of removing the contaminant can be determined both from the air and from a surface. In addition, the room can be used to evaluate what a consumer product or process is adding to indoor air during its use.

"Many consumer product companies are finding this service valuable in measuring personal exposures to consumer products for risk evaluations or to determine the effectiveness of a product for marketing claims," said Marilyn S. Black, PhD, chief scientist with AQS.

This past fall, for example, the AQS Consumer Room was used to evaluate the indoor air quality impact of surface cleaning chemicals in an institutional bathroom setting. The performance data obtained demonstrated low chemical emissions and enabled the client to become certified under the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute's GREENGUARD Certification ProgramSM for Cleaners and Cleaning Systems. This certification is the first of its kind to qualify cleaning products for their acceptability in indoor environments.

"AQS goes one step further than just providing data, our technical experts also offer guidance to help manufacturers revise product formulations to minimize hazardous emissions and to maximize their product's effectiveness," said Dr. Black.

For more information on the AQS Consumer Room, contact AQS at (770) 933-0638 and ask for Product Evaluations. For a listing of products that are regularly tested to ensure that their chemical emissions meet acceptable IAQ pollutant guidelines and standards, visit the GREENGUARD website at

Air Quality Sciences, Inc. is a fully integrated indoor air quality (IAQ) company that provides solutions to create healthy indoor environments and avoid potentially dangerous indoor pollution. As the only IAQ firm with internal labs that are both ISO 9001:2000 registered and AIHA EMLAP accredited, AQS sets the standard for effective diagnoses and solutions. AQS also is a test laboratory for both the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute and the Blue Angel Labeling programs, which provide independent, third party certification for low-emitting products used indoors. To learn more about AQS, Blue Angel and GREENGUARD, visit, or, respectively.

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