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June 12, 2008 15:37 ET

AquaFit Spas Wellness Concepts Brings Aquatic Fitness Systems and Water Workout Training to Southern California

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - June 12, 2008) - AquaFit Spas Wellness Concepts today announces the newest addition to their stores with the arrival of the luxurious Aquatic Fitness System created by Dimension One Spas. The new innovative Aquatic Fitness System (AFS) is a swim spa that combines fitness and hydrotherapy with built-in exercise equipment and adjustable water current that enables people of all ages to swim laps, walk, run, stretch, strength train, relax and heal in their own backyards. Millions of people watched Mariah Carey on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" demonstrating some of the water exercises that transformed her body into its current sleek state. Water workouts are becoming increasing popular. A reported 2.1 million people now exercise in their home pools, according to results published in the 2007 SuperStudy which was conducted by the independent sports and fitness research organization American Sports Data.

"We are pleased to be Southern California's exclusive dealer of the world's first underwater gym, helping clients to stay healthy and relax," says Mats Elmstrom, owner of AquaFit Spas Wellness Concepts. "We're seeing strong interest in these units, especially in Los Angeles where a lot of people want this type of healthy, luxury product in their homes."

To work the body in its entirety, the Aquatic Fitness System uses the natural resistance of water and the HydroSport Gear that is built into, and accompanies, the Aquatic Fitness System: including tensor cords, a fitness bar, "D" handles or ankle cuffs. The buoyancy of water works the body to its fullest potential while supporting body weight to reduce the risk of injuries.

AFS engineers have studied human anatomy, ergonomics, fluid mechanics, aquatic massage, acupressure and reflexology so extensively that they have invented a new science they call "hydronomics." Using their research, they developed unique training pools that achieve twice the results in half the workout time, which is ideal for athletes and those recovering from injury. The full-body workout spa maximizes the limited time personal trainers have to help their private clients attain fitness goals without feeling the aches and pains attributed to exercising on land. "Water's viscosity or 'thickness' -- being about 800 times greater than air -- makes it an effective exercise environment in which to build muscular endurance," says Dr. Mary Sanders leading water fitness expert and University of Nevada's School of Medicine and Public Health professor. "Using resistance tethers, like those featured in the AFS pool, provides additional core stabilization work."

To help clients achieve maximum results using the Aquatic Fitness System, AquaFit Spas has hired renowned fitness trainer and AFS specialist Derek Duke Noble, author of "The Body Noble" and creator of "Urban Fitness TV," which aired on Discovery Channel's Fit TV. Noble, who has trained Michael J. Fox, Maria Shriver, John McEnroe and John Cusack, has years of experience developing custom workouts for people with specific needs.

Noble worked with Sanders to develop a workout program that burns calories, tones the muscles and heals the body. The "burn, tone, heal" fitness training includes low-impact exercises to tone, shape, and enhance flexibility.

AquaFit Spas Wellness Concepts offers three models of the Aquatic Fitness System -- the AquaFit 16, AquaPro 19 and the AquaFit 19 Dual Temp; two models are available for trial in the showroom. Retail prices range from $25,995 to $34,995. The company works with homeowners, fitness centers, interior designers, architects, landscape architects and developers to provide them with Aquatic Fitness Systems and other top-of-the-line spas that best suit their needs. AquaFit Spas' expert team coordinates high-end installations that accent the aesthetics of the home or location.

The AFS was the only spa company invited to the Malibu Eco Fair due to their environmentally friendly design. When compared with older spas, the AFS can save up to $1,200 a year in energy costs. The spas are equipped with energy efficient heaters and pumps that make the average monthly heating cost $35. Spa water is cleaned with ozone and UV light instead of chlorine, and the exterior skirt is made from 100% recycled material.

The staff provides complimentary wet tests so people can test the Aquatic Fitness System for themselves. Noble and his team of fitness trainers also provide ongoing one-on-one training sessions at AquaFit Spas for fees beginning at $50 per 30-minute session. They also provide private training sessions in which they lead clients through workouts on the TurboSonic Whole Body Vibration Therapy System, which AquaFit Spas Wellness Concepts also sells. The TurboSonic uses high-frequency oscillation and sound vibration to stimulate bones, muscles, blood vessels and cells, promoting their rapid development and circulation.

For people who want to try some aquatic exercises in their own pools (without the benefit of the Aquatic Fitness System equipment), Noble recommends the following exercises to get them started:

-- Deep Water Running (tone legs, strengthen hips and improve cardio
    fitness levels)
    You use the same muscles as running on land -- quadriceps, hamstrings
    and buttocks -- but there is less stress applied to your joints. Start
    by walking through the shallow end of a pool and walk until you are in
    the water at waist-level (or chest-level as your fitness level
    increases). Run in place for 60 seconds.

 -- Triceps
    Stand straight, with your open hands palms-down on the surface of the
    water. Keeping your elbows locked at your sides (pretend they're glued
    to your ribcage). Exhale and push down until your hands are beside your
    hips. Turn your hands and bring them back to the starting position.
    Repeat 15 times.

 -- Abs
    For abs, you can simulate crunches by standing with your back to the
    side of the pool, holding onto the rim with your elbows. Keeping your
    knees unbent, slowly bring both legs up to a sitting position and hold
    it for ten seconds. Do not hold your breath, though. Breathe slowly
    throughout this exercise. Then bend at the knee to bring them down,
    repeating 20 times.

To experience the Aquatic Fitness System, other luxury spas or the TurboSonic Whole Body Vibration System, call AquaFit Spas Wellness Concepts to arrange an appointment at 310-876-1052. For additional information, visit

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