September 17, 2008 10:26 ET

ARA Safety Equips Alberta Fire Department With Powerful New Fire Interruption Technology

Red Deer Emergency Services to Become the First Professional Fire Department to Carry Out a Fully-Integrated Six-Month Trial Program of FIT-5 Technology

RED DEER, AB--(Marketwire - September 17, 2008) - To help Red Deer Emergency Services supplement their efforts in protecting their communities, families and homes, ARA Safety, an emerging leader in life safety, announced today that it will provide five fire stations throughout Red Deer, Alberta, with seven FIT-5 devices.

The FIT-5 is a powerful new fire knockdown tool that the department expects will be effective in helping area fire fighters control fires to save lives and to reduce the more than $200 million in fire-related property damages that Red Deer experiences each year.

The six-month program is the first large-scale and fully-integrated trial by a professional fire department in North America. It will serve as a case study to showcase the FIT-5's effectiveness in lessening fire-related losses and illustrate how it can provide critical support to fire departments looking for a new way to approach fighting fires.

On Sept. 16, 20 firefighters from Red Deer Emergency Services participated in a live product testing and training session. The department expressed their excitement in participating to see first-hand why the FIT-5 is being credited with helping firefighters across North America suppress structure fires safely and efficiently while reducing human and financial losses.

"In Tuesday morning's FIT-5 demonstration, we observed a new tool that will effectively buy our crew time when fighting fire," said Red Deer Platoon Chief Steve Tinordi. "Whether it's one minute, two minutes or five, any piece of equipment or tool that allows our firefighters to do their jobs more safely and efficiently is good news for our department and for the communities and lives we're assigned to protect."

Commercial Solutions (CSI), ARA Safety's exclusive FIT-5 distributor in Canada, will fully support the trial program, replacing each FIT-5 as it is deployed. The company looks forward to working with Red Deer in reducing fire loss throughout the local community.

"Firefighters must have the right tools at the right time to effectively protect their communities," said Michael Gardiner, director of marketing, ARA Safety. "We commend Red Deer in their efforts to capitalize on critical new technologies to continue as one of Canada's thought leaders in fire safety."

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