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September 29, 2009 09:00 ET

Arbor Networks e100 v9.0 Combines Comprehensive Subscriber and Application Intelligence With Enhanced Security Protection

e100's Deep Subscriber Intelligence Now Available in Peakflow SP, the World's Most Deployed DDoS Detection & Mitigation System

CHELMSFORD, MA--(Marketwire - September 29, 2009) - Arbor Networks, Inc., a leading provider of secure service control solutions for global business networks, today announced the availability of version 9.0 of the e100, Arbor's 20 Gbps platform for broadband service optimization that supports up to 500,000 subscribers. With its appliance-based architecture, enhanced reporting engine and integration between Peakflow SP and e100 platforms, the e100 v9.0 release gives Arbor customers a whole new level of network and subscriber visibility, along with major enhancements to capacity and performance. As a result, Arbor customers are better positioned to identify botnet-infected subscribers before they impact network performance, optimize their network resources, deliver new revenue-generating services and drive cost reductions.

"By integrating the e100's deep subscriber and application visibility into the reporting of Peakflow SP's routing and peering intelligence, service providers now have comprehensive network visibility from the peering edge, through the backbone and down to individual subscriber level," said Kurt Dobbins, Arbor Networks CTO for IP Services. "No other vendor can offer this level of network intelligence or integration."

Superior Scale and Intelligence in a Broadband Service Optimization Solution

With its 20 Gbps capability and high availability, the Arbor e100 is well-suited for large networks in the fixed and mobile broadband markets. Deployed at the IP access edge, the e100 delivers the high capacity and performance service providers need to optimize a massive number of services -- whether it is managing traffic at expensive peering point links or ensuring a high-quality experience and fair usage for all subscribers based on their service plans.

The e100 enables service providers to dramatically increase the return on network investments by managing traffic at both the subscriber and application level to prioritize network activity, enforce policies and develop new service plans. By combining intelligent hardware with embedded software, the e100 solution gives providers the visibility and control they need to achieve wire-speed traffic awareness, bandwidth management and service control in broadband networks.

Appliance-Based Management Architecture

For most service providers, the e100 appliance-based management architecture eliminates the need to implement a data warehouse to support DPI reporting needs, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership. The Arbor e100 solution features management appliances that include the Arbor eSeries Command Center ("eCC") and optional eSeries Subscriber Center ("eSC"). Together, they provide the reporting, subscriber management, API writing and traffic monitoring needed to optimize broadband services. The Arbor eCC appliance lets providers configure the e100 to view traffic, create reports and integrate external data for billing and data warehousing. The Arbor eSC appliance works in conjunction with the e100 solution and eCC appliance to manage subscriber information such as subscriber login/logout, subscriber IP address and subscriber-to-profile mappings. Both the eCC and the eSC are fully integrated within the e100 solution, providing network visibility, control and reporting at the application and subscriber level.

e100 Reporting Engine Transforms DPI-enhanced Data into Actionable Information

The e100 reporting engine has been retooled from the bottom up to greatly enhance the performance, interactivity and overall relevance of DPI data. The intuitive and flexible user interface features interactive and timely exploration of network traffic data, yielding deeper insights into application usage and subscriber behaviour. Users can easily develop their own queries and drill down into the data in the way that best meets their goals for understanding network traffic, application usage and subscriber behavior. This allows providers to proactively manage the bandwidth consumption patterns they're seeing from a particular group of subscribers or applications. For example, network engineers can easily identify a recent trend, pull data from the last 30 days to verify the trend, take steps to address it, and then confirm, in near real-time, that they've achieved the desired results.

"Despite the negative attention focused on DPI, the fact remains that DPI is a critical network technology that will play an increasingly important role in protecting IP-based networks in the future," said Yankee Group Senior Analyst David Vorhaus. "DPI's ability to provide subscriber-level intelligence and control will help network operators protect customers from botnets, DDoS attacks and a host of other security threats."

About Arbor Networks

Arbor Networks is a leading provider of security and network management solutions for global business networks, including more than 70 percent of the world's Internet service providers and many of the largest enterprise networks in use today. Arbor's secure service control solutions give customers a single, unified view into their networks' performance, helping them to quickly detect anomalous behavior, mitigate threats and enforce policy. This translates into actionable business intelligence to generate new forms of revenue and to maintain a competitive advantage.

Arbor also maintains ATLAS -- a unique collaborative effort with 100+ service providers across the globe sharing real-time security, traffic and routing information. No other entity today has both aggregated this much real-time information about what is happening across the Internet and developed the means for cross-provider collaboration that informs numerous business decisions.

For technical insight into the latest security threats and Internet traffic trends, please visit the ASERT blog.

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