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October 25, 2010 10:47 ET

Arbor Networks Enhances Relationship With PromonLogicalis in Brazil

PromonLogicalis and Arbor Highlight Security Solution Portfolio at Futurecom 2010

CHELMSFORD, MA--(Marketwire - October 25, 2010) - Arbor Networks, Inc., a leading provider of network security and management solutions for converged carrier networks and next-generation data centers, announced today that it is enhancing its strategic partnership with PromonLogicalis, a leading integrator of telecommunications and information technology systems in Brazil. 

PromonLogicalis will now be able to offer Arbor's full line of Peakflow® products, including the Peakflow SP platform ("Peakflow SP"), the industry's leading solution for the detection and mitigation of network-borne attacks. PromonLogicalis customers include wireline and wireless service providers, hosting operators and large enterprises. 

"Arbor Networks delivers a unique combination of network-wide visibility together with the means to mitigate attacks in real-time, without interrupting customer facing services," said Geraldo Guazzelli, regional director for Arbor Networks in Brazil. "Without this integrated mitigation capability, providers, hosting and data center operators have to turn off services in order to block attacks. That is simply not acceptable today as so many organizations are migrating to cloud-based services. For these providers, availability is everything."

"Arbor Networks' Peakflow products are deployed globally in the largest, most sophisticated service provider networks. Arbor also has tremendous experience protecting hosting and data center infrastructure. This relationship enables PromonLogicalis to offer our customers the world's leading DDoS detection and mitigation platform at a time when concerns about security and availability are a top priority," said Carlos Pingarilho, diretor of technology at PromonLogicalis.

PromonLogicalis will be selling the full line of Arbor Networks Peakflow solutions, including Peakflow SP platform, the de facto standard for IP flow-based network security, visibility and analysis. The vast majority of the world's leading service providers rely on Arbor's Peakflow SP to proactively fend off malicious threats, thwart distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and strengthen the quality of their service. In addition to being their security platform of choice, Peakflow SP enables these organizations to reduce cost by improving IPv4 and IPv6 traffic engineering and operational efficiencies. 

Peakflow SP is tightly integrated with Arbor's Threat Management System (TMS) that automatically detects and surgically removes only attack traffic while maintaining legitimate business traffic. Without the ability to mitigate only the attack traffic, network operators are compelled to shut down the services for the intended victims as well as the other users on the same shared infrastructure in data center and cloud environments. In addition to application-layer attack detection and mitigation, the Threat Management System delivers deep visibility into critical IP services and applications running on the network, such as DNS, HTTP, VoIP, IM, P2P and now, for the first time in the industry, IPv6 traffic. This powerful combination of visibility and security allows network operators to maintain availability, reduce support costs and optimize current or future business services.

Arbor's enterprise solution, Peakflow X, is available in an appliance-based version as well as a virtualized version, and it provides the pervasive and intelligent network visibility that's needed to monitor the external security threats, internal network usage, and more than 100 bandwidth-sapping applications that can jeopardize network performance and business success. Peakflow X leverages IP flow technology in existing network devices. It analyzes flow statistics to define normal network behavior. Then, in real-time, its embedded Network Behavioral Analysis (NBA) technology identifies abnormal activity that can indicate a developing security attack long before its signature is created. Since Peakflow X detects network anomalies and threats using NBA technology, it's complementary to signature-based security products such as IDS/IPS, anti-virus and firewalls.

About PromonLogicalis
PromonLogicalis is a leading integrator of telecommunications and information technology systems that delivers solutions to practically all of Brazil's telecommunications operators and some of its largest corporations. Its achievements derive from the capacity to make innovative use of technology and systems engineering, alongside cutting-edge technological alliances and its acknowledged competencies in project management, all of which make impeccable execution one of its key competitive advantages.

About Arbor Networks
Arbor Networks® is a leading provider of network security and management solutions for converged carrier networks and next-generation data centers, including more than 70 percent of the world's Internet service providers and many of the largest enterprise networks in use today. Arbor's secure service control solutions give customers a single, unified view into their networks' performance, helping them to quickly detect anomalous behavior, mitigate threats and enforce policy. This translates into actionable business intelligence to generate new forms of revenue and to maintain a competitive advantage.

Arbor also maintains ATLAS -- a unique collaborative effort with 100+ service providers across the globe sharing real-time security, traffic and routing information. No other entity today has both aggregated this much real-time information about what is happening across the Internet and developed the means for cross-provider collaboration that informs numerous business decisions.

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